Catalyst: The Union Saga: Part One (Hardcover)

Catalyst: The Union Saga: Part One By Mathias Invictus Cover Image

Catalyst: The Union Saga: Part One (Hardcover)


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The normalcy of Morgan's first day of Senior year was rocked by a girl... a girl of pure fire; burning like an alabaster sun amidst the crowd.

With the fleeting vision, Andalynn arrived as a catalyst of heart; true love in all its spendor. Yet, there was more than love pulling at Morgan. Unnatural happenings were occurring in the world around him and glimpses of stange creatures haunted his waking sight.

The weight of destiny, and the determined will of allies unknown, at last led him deep inside the mountain. There he met Aelvi, a benevolent Dyer from Earth's sister world.

The calamitous Union was upon them. Morgan had only two days. Could he find a way to keep Andalynn and all those they loved alive through the ending of the world?

The Union Saga

For millions of years, Earth was dimensionally split into two distinct spheres; one of Man and one of Dyers, the sentient descendants of dinosaurs. Both were now failing. To preserve the potential of life, the two would again become one.

Amidst the cataclysmic Union, the greater part of both worlds would be lost. What remained would write the destiny of a new amalgamated Earth, be it one of light or of darkness. The outcome of all things now rested on the meager shoulders of Morgan James, a simple boy from the mountains of Colorado.

Product Details ISBN: 9781734783506
ISBN-10: 1734783508
Publisher: Luminade Publishing
Publication Date: May 4th, 2020
Pages: 404
Language: English