Hardiguards: and the Holy Mountain (Paperback)

Hardiguards: and the Holy Mountain By Allen H. Shahri Cover Image

Hardiguards: and the Holy Mountain (Paperback)


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Hardiguards are two-legged creatures, covered by layers of scales to protect them against severe conditions on the planet. To obey the Holy Mountain, they need to make the region green and grow their population.

Ace is a young Hardiguard bound to his own vices causing a tragic accident and fails to gain his community's trust. He is the first person who receives the most severe punishment for his fault, leading him to leave his people and seek refuge near the Holy Mountain. Living near a mysterious mountain with absolute power not only influences Ace but also requires the residents to obey its commands.

Ace's life takes a turn from the harsh experiences he encounters, overcoming his fears and doubts. He dares to unravel the mysteries of the mountain, only to discover his own disillusionment and save the one he loves.

Hardiguards find that the summit is now a source of chaos and contradiction, as they meet their sophisticated creators face to face and discover the truth behind their creation...

Product Details ISBN: 9781734481402
ISBN-10: 1734481404
Publisher: Green Circle Publishing
Publication Date: February 2nd, 2020
Pages: 418
Language: English