The Highway of Spirit and Bone (Paperback)

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The Highway of Spirit and Bone (Paperback)


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Complex family dynamics, the kinds of things that can go seriously wrong on long road trips, and, ultimately, forgiveness and love, are at the heart of Highway of Spirit and Bone, the debut novel of former professor and poet Steven Ostowski.

David reluctantly agrees to drive his mother, Lilly, from her longtime home on Staten Island to Flagstaff, Arizona. He leaves his wife and children behind, along with a sense of unease about a new neighbor, who seems to be spending too much time at his home since he hit the road.

Jeanette, Lilly's youngest daughter, joins them, even though she and David tend to bicker a lot, and apparently have major challenges from their past that they bring with them. In addition, Jeanette has recently broken off a relationship with Sherry, a former police officer. A distraught Sherry takes to the road too, desperate to reconcile with Jeanette.

Their poet brother, Aaron, awaits in Las Vegas, with secrets and unresolved issues with both David and Jeanette. Lilly insists on a detour before they reach Flagstaff.

Along the highways of America, David, Lilly and Jeanette encounter people and situations that are sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, and sometimes dangerous. Each provides insights into that most complex of relationships and challenges of the journeying soul.

Product Details ISBN: 9781733696395
ISBN-10: 1733696393
Publisher: Lefora Publishing Company LLC
Publication Date: September 20th, 2023
Pages: 226
Language: English