From Flanders Fields to the Moviegoer (Paperback)

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How do educators, clergy, attorneys, and the concerned public come to terms with meaningful, workable ethics in an age that eschews any attempt to define truth and error? Michael A. Milton has addressed that question in the new monograph, From Flanders Field to the Moviegoer: Philosophical Foundations for a Transcendent Ethical Framework. Milton draws on English literature, sociology, history, public policy, and theology to mark milestones in the cultural journey from the philosophical crisis after World War I, the end of modernity and the introduction of the ""theater of the absurd"" in post-modernity. Rather than merely a survey, this monograph proposes a ""way forward"" in teaching metaphysical ethics. Originally given as a paper before American and British defense leaders in Washington, DC, Milton's original paper is now expanded for use in undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate classrooms, as well as libraries and professional military education.

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ISBN: 9781725251496
ISBN-10: 1725251493
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication Date: October 24th, 2019
Pages: 90
Language: English