The Civil War In My South Carolina Lowcountry (Paperback)

The Civil War In My South Carolina Lowcountry By Jr. Harvey, James L. Cover Image

The Civil War In My South Carolina Lowcountry (Paperback)


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If you were researching your family's lineage and discovered that your ancestors took part in one of the most famous American wars in history, it would be difficult to not dig deeper to learn more.

Born and raised in South Carolina, James L. Harvey, Jr. became curious about his own family when he realized that, even as an adult, he knew nothing about his ancestors. Through extensive research, he was led to knowledge on his great-grandfathers as well as other relatives and how the Civil War impacted all of their lives in South Carolina, and shares all of their stories in The Civil War In My South Carolina Lowcountry.

Harvey reaches out to those interested in both American history - specifically the Civil War - as well as genealogical research through the stories of his ancestors. From a historical perspective, readers will be educated on large-scale battles such as the Battle of Tulifinny, the

Battle of Honey Hill, and the Battle of Bentonville, to name a few. Readers will also learn of the Confederate regiments Harvey's ancestors served with - the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, the 17th Infantry Regiment, the 11th Infantry Regiment, and Hampton's Legion, among others - as well as each regiment's officers and staff, assignments, battles, and rosters of companies. Information is also included on the first all-black volunteer regiment (USCT) organized in Port Royal, South Carolina.

From a genealogical perspective, Harvey honors his great-grandfathers' services in the war and the lives they shared with their families through the good and the bad. He shares his family's Christian beliefs and the impact the church had during this dark time in history.

Coming from a line of poor farmers who did what they believed was right in defending their state, Harvey ensures his family name will live on throughout history.

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