Arctic Adventure (Paperback)

Arctic Adventure By Manfred Zepf, Ron Mueller (Translator) Cover Image

Arctic Adventure (Paperback)

By Manfred Zepf, Ron Mueller (Translator)


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This is a work based on true facts, extracted from my diary, which was meant to record my feelings at the time and not the emotions of a dream, or an adventure, it was recorded without pretense of great achievements or the future. It was my attempt without any pretension other than to be able to remember the wonderful moments that I experienced.

Today I would not undertake such an adventure. And I would not recommend it to people, in general. To venture in this way, it is necessary to; develop your knowledge and techniques of hunting; to study about bears; to have the ability to instinctively handle a rifle as if it were the extension of your hand, your arm. After constant practice it becomes instinctive and automatic. I do not need to think, I do not need to look to lock or unlock or to load and eject a round from my Weatherby 30-06 Vanguard rifle.

It is especially necessary to study and know about bear habits and habitats. You will never know exactly what is going on in the bears' head and what will be their reactions. In fact, it is of no use other than to have a general understanding of their instincts and actions. There is nothing mathematical or linear about the actions of the "Ursus Horribilis", the bear. It is a beast for which we do not have a scientific book that gives us full knowledge of its habits.

I studied a lot before making the decision to make this trip. I went when I was single. I would not have gone if I had been married. I would not have gone for the love I have for my wife Ana Rita, and my children Helga and Fl vio.

Today I know that I could leave a widow and orphans, because you will see in the telling of the story that the danger was incessant, and that luck was my companion.

For reasons of rights, I have excluded the original names of people who were part of this adventure, except for my dear brother Conrado, a gift that God placed beside me in preparation for this journey. This brother who did not participate in this adventure with his presence but was constantly present in my thoughts and situations of this adventure.

My friend and fanatic, hallucinating, inveterate hunter Lairton also was not part of this adventure. He was a born hunter, who would fit into any age of history on this planet, where the horse was still the best way to get around. He himself says that these " jockey clubs" that are under the hoods of this modern world no longer match and do not make the grade.

To all those who became an integral part of this adventure, my tender thanks, and an eternal remembrance of each one of you

Encourage those who fit wisely and knowingly into any type of adventure.

Do, because if no one else ventures, the electrifying passages and life experiences will end. It would be a sad end to miss the real adventures and live only in the virtual and the unreal ones.

Manfredo Zepf

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