The Better Inspired Golf Game: A system on how to become a scratch golfer....or better. (Paperback)

The Better Inspired Golf Game: A system on how to become a scratch golfer....or better. By Ryan Johnson Cover Image

The Better Inspired Golf Game: A system on how to become a scratch golfer....or better. (Paperback)


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Who you are is the foundational core of any golf game. These are the personal qualities you have that determine your potential. If you are deficient in these qualities, the consequences will be a limitation on your success. The B.I.G. system concentrates on these critical building blocks to ensure they are not limitations but the drivers of your golfing prosperity.

There are 18 personal qualities that good golfers should aspire to develop. They represent the core values of the B.I.G. system. They are both inspirational and aspirational in that they are positive ways to be and are requisites for taking your game to the next level. Focusing attention on the development of these qualities is something all people should consider. For golfers, if they can be considered strengths, they will propel your capabilities to the next level.
The B.I.G. system is built around the requirement of continuous intellectual curiosity. In the Mechanical Shot section of the book all the most important shots required of an exceptional golfer are laid out in detail. A system without information will create its own. Building knowledge and understanding is a prerequisite for a full system of information and effective golf game.
The Mechanical Shot system provides guidance and ideas on all the shots required for a scratch level of golf. The full swing is covered in detail along with sections on wedges, pitching, chipping, putting, and all the "artistry" shots a golfer may face during a round. Developing next-level skill in these shots is critical. Discussing the actual mechanical process of executing these shots, and the reasoning behind those techniques, provides for a deep understanding required of exceptional golf.

Regardless of whether you are an aspiring young athlete looking to supercharge your efforts, a mid to high handicapper searching for a transformational catalyst, or even an accomplished golfer looking for an edge, this book could help you maximize your potential.
Ryan Johnson decided to learn the modern game of golf at 61. As a youth he played many sports including football, baseball, tennis, bowling, skiing, and even some golf. After developing some age related physical limitations the hunt was on to find a sport that could keep him active. Golf was the chosen option and a goal was set to become scratch…or better. Utilizing skills from his past athletic background, and knowledge gleaned from executive and project management, he devised a plan. It took him about 8 months to achieve his goal. The Better Inspired Golf Game is that plan.
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Publication Date: May 4th, 2023
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