High Risks (Paperback)

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High Risks (Paperback)


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How far will this murderous duo go to exact their revenge?
They laugh . . . They joke . . . But these boys don’t play.

When things get to a point where words no longer matter and action is the only thing left to be delivered, Reef and Dummy have built a reputation for bringing agonizing resolutions to problems at hand. They set their sights on a man who allegedly betrayed their current employer, putting their noses to the ground to avenge the act of treason.

When their prey goes into hiding like a snake in the grass, the sadistic Jamaican duo ignites a bonfire of destruction that forces him to come out of hiding. Will this snake merely slither away when things get past the point of no return, or bear his fangs and retaliate against his persistent predators? Many can play, but only a few can win when playing the deadly game of High Risks . . .
With a combination of creativity and experience, Brooklyn-born author Adrian “Ox” Mendez narrates tales of the hood. Recently released from incarceration, he published his debut novel about the pros and cons of fast money, opening a window to a world that most people pray and struggle every day to avoid.

Product Details ISBN: 9781645565833
ISBN-10: 1645565831
Publisher: Urban Books
Publication Date: May 21st, 2024
Pages: 256
Language: English