Jan and the Search for Lilya (Paperback)

Jan and the Search for Lilya By J. B. Moonstar Cover Image

Jan and the Search for Lilya (Paperback)


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"Do you know who Lilya was? Was she here?"

Megan was talking slowly - deliberately choosing her words, she was trying to retain control of her emotions. This man knew something about Lilya, and Megan had to remain calm enough to find out what he knew.

This question made the man stop yelling, but he still pointed to the door, gesturing with his arms that they must leave. He would say no more, he had revealed too much already.

"Was Lilya here?" Megan repeated, her voice stronger and showing she had no intention of leaving without an answer.


"I still am." said a small voice as Lilya appeared next to the trees.

Product Details ISBN: 9781644504413
ISBN-10: 1644504413
Publisher: Little Horsemen
Publication Date: November 15th, 2021
Pages: 124
Language: English