Disciplining The Soul (Hardcover)

Disciplining The Soul By Ibn Al-Jawzi Cover Image

Disciplining The Soul (Hardcover)


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Every breath we take is taking us closer to death. The time we spend in this world is short, the time we are held in our graves is long, and the punishment for following our lowly desires is calamitous. Know that all the facets of mankind's disposition are for their benefit - either directly such as the desire for food, or indirectly by preventing harm, such as the capacity for anger. However, when these natural impulses are not moderated it culminates in harm. If the desire for food is excessive it leads to gluttony.

Product Details ISBN: 9781643544151
ISBN-10: 1643544152
Publisher: Al-Azhar (Cairo, Egypt)
Publication Date: July 9th, 2021
Pages: 130
Language: English