The Giant's Ladder: The Science Professional's Blueprint for Marketing Success (Paperback)

The Giant's Ladder: The Science Professional's Blueprint for Marketing Success By Elizabeth Chabe Cover Image

The Giant's Ladder: The Science Professional's Blueprint for Marketing Success (Paperback)


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As a scientist or engineer, do you find the concept of marketing your work daunting? Are you struggling to get your scientific breakthrough the attention and success it deserves?

The Giant's Ladder, by Elizabeth Chabe, offers a pathway to do just that. This guide is specifically crafted for scientists stepping into leadership roles, marketing professionals within scientific organizations, and communication experts in research institutions. It provides a clear, insightful approach to sharing and promoting scientific innovations, products, and services.

What's Inside? This book offers a structured approach to marketing, specifically tailored for science professionals. It starts with understanding your audience and extends to advanced concepts like product positioning, narrative development, and campaign planning. The content is rooted in real-world examples, providing actionable strategies that can be directly applied in professional settings.

Key Features:

  • Audience Insight: Learn how to accurately identify and understand your target market.
  • Strategic Positioning: Uncover methods for competitive analysis and effective product positioning in science and technology sectors.
  • Brand Storytelling: Explore methods to craft compelling brand narratives that connect with your audience.
  • Campaign Development: Acquire insights on integrating creativity with analytical thinking in developing marketing campaigns.
  • Channel Selection: Receive guidance on choosing the most effective channels for communication, including digital and traditional media.
  • Event Strategy: Discover practical advice for making a strong impression-and maximizing limited budgets-at trade shows and conferences.
  • Data Utilization: Understand how to leverage data and analytics to refine your marketing approaches and measure success effectively.

Authored by Elizabeth Chabe, acclaimed strategic marketing expert and CEO of the award-winning science marketing agency High Touch Group, The Giant's Ladder is an indispensable resource for scientists and engineers looking to effectively market their innovations.

Product Details ISBN: 9781642256024
ISBN-10: 1642256021
Publisher: Advantage Media Group
Publication Date: January 23rd, 2024
Pages: 200
Language: English