Crystal Child: The Diamond Star Saga (Hardcover)

Crystal Child: The Diamond Star Saga By Carol Kauffman Cover Image

Crystal Child: The Diamond Star Saga (Hardcover)


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"ADD--does that stand for awfully dumb ditz?"

The bully's words sting. Kristal has attention deficit disorder. It's true she'd rather draw, daydream, and create fantasy worlds in the forest behind her house. Tad, her twin brother, has autism and is obsessed with repeating meaningless numbers over and over. The bully calls him an alien. Kristal and Tad are different from their peers, but their challenges have only brought them closer.

Until January 22, 2027, that is, when a terrifying force suddenly rips them apart. Tad disappears into thin air, and Kristal finds herself in a world so bizarre she's sure she must be dreaming. But slowly she learns the truth. She's been teleported--to a star.

Greeted by a group of brilliant scientists, she is ushered into a great chamber where they tell their story. Once a community in northern Finland working diligently on healing the Earth, they were raided by AI thugs from the planet Cancri e. The AIs methodically slaughtered over 250 humans, forcing a small group of survivors to flee Earth. Now humanity's only hope is a mysterious prophecy claiming a Crystal Child will produce the perfect solution for the Cancris' successful advancement to a human-hybrid species. If she fails, the Cancris will kill all those on the star and annihilate all beings on Earth. Then they plan to settle in--forever.

Kristal is stunned. She's the Crystal Child? Even the scientists have tried and failed to conquer the Cancris. And she's just an ordinary, clueless kid in middle school, with ADD no less. The harder she tries to think, the more her brain shuts down. She's the opposite of what humankind needs right now. What a cruel, cosmic joke. But no one's laughing. And now, all eyes are on her.

Spanning three decades and unfathomable distances in outer space, Crystal Child: The Diamond Star Saga, is more than a thrilling sci-fi ride. It's a testament to grit, teamwork, and above all, compassion for every living creature--including Mother Earth herself.

Product Details ISBN: 9781639855674
ISBN-10: 163985567X
Publisher: Fulton Books
Publication Date: July 5th, 2022
Pages: 606
Language: English