THE BOOK OF INFLUENCE - Authentic Communication (Paperback)

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THE BOOK OF INFLUENCE - Authentic Communication (Paperback)


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The Book Of Influence Based on the work by Dale Carnegie

For the first time ever in history, 33+ professionals, celebrities, mentors, and authors are brought together by Multi #1 International Bestselling Author and Award Winning Speaker, Erik "Mr. Awesome" Swanson, to share modern-day examples, stories and applications in this book series based on the work by Dale Carnegie. The Book of Influence series consists of 4 books in which all of the book volumes dive deep into four vitally important classic areas.

In this National Bestselling series of The Book of Influence, each of the four volumes in the series will cover the following topics:


In the training by Dale Carnegie and in his classic NY Times Bestseller, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Carnegie focuses on the fundamental techniques in connecting with people. Volume #1 of The Book of Influence discusses and shares many principles and strategies in connecting with others in such an authenticway through modern core values.


In How To Win Friends and Influence People, Carnegie addresses the importance of building like and trust. Being likable and utilizing our modern-day techniques are paramount in building long lasting relationships and foundations with others. Learn the secrets to becoming 'likable' so that the world finds you irresistible, magnetic & people seem to be drawn to you.


A big part of Dale Carnegie's training is on influence. He taught how to influence others and gain their cooperation: avoid arguments, show respect for others' opinions, never say "you're wrong," admit your mistakes, begin in a friendly way, get the other person saying "yes," and let the other person do most of the talking. This volume will highlight lessons, stories, & teachings from our authors in this universal law with counsel on creating alignment

Book Volume #4 - WIN-WIN THEORY

Dale Carnegie's trainings always consisted of lessons in how to become a leader. In volume #4 of The Book of Influence - Win-Win Theory, our readers are taught to create Win-Win relationships through various theories and philosophies of professionals who have use time-tested techniques...

The Book of Influence emphasizes the importance of treating people with respect and dignity, building positive relationships, and creating win-win outcomes in an authentic way. This National Bestselling book series provides practical advice and counsel derived by experience to improving one's communication and social skills. It can be used by anyone looking to improve their personal and professional relationships for success.

Authors Include:

List of Authors: Erik Swanson, Brian Tracy, Jill Lublin, Alec Stern, Rudy Ruettiger, Adrienne Velazquez, Alexander Ball, Amy Mingin, Angela Harden-Mack, Ang le Lamothe, Bonnie Lierse, Charlotte DeLon, Che Brown, Cynthia Gallardo, Daniel Kilburn, Daphene Booker-Harris & Todd Harris, Dawnese Openshaw, Dee Manuel Cloud, Diana Smith, Eileen Galbraith, Elizabeth Anne Walker, Erin Ley, Fatima Hurd, Fred Moskowitz, Genesis Gomez, Ian Stermer, Jessa Carter, Joanna James, Jon Kovach Jr., Justin Morris, Lauren Cobb, Maleah Bliss, Maris Segal & Ken Ashby, Michelle Crites, Michelle Mras, Morgan Taylor Rudnick, Nadia Francois, Nancy Debra Barrows, Dr. Onika Shirley, Rachel Diamond, Robyn Scott, Ryan Fritzsche, Sally Wurr, Sarah Lee, Steph Shinabery, Susan Carpio, Teashia French, Teresa Cundiff, Thomas Malagisi, Tyler Erickson, William Good, William Blake.

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