Smart Pop Explains Marvel Movies and TV Shows (Paperback)

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Smart Pop Explains Marvel Movies and TV Shows (Paperback)


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Who is Iron Man? What’s an Infinity Stone? When did Captain America become the first Avenger? Why does everyone love Loki even though he’s a bad guy?

It’s easy for new fans to get overwhelmed by the sprawling mythology and complexity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which now spans more than 20 films and TV shows. Unlike encyclopedias and guides that offer diehard fans trivia, details, and deep dives into every on-screen moment, this first-of-its-kind explainer is an easy, fun, and accessible introduction to the hundreds of characters, plots, and interconnected stories that make up one of the greatest pop-culture franchises of all time. 
Do you want to enjoy Spider-Man, but don’t quite know what a Skrull is? Maybe you know that it was Agatha all along, but did maybe WandaVision leave you wondering about the multiverse of madness?  Do you need a primer on Thor’s backstory so you can grasp how The God of Thunder became friends with The Guardians of the Galaxy? Or, maybe you just want to be able to join in when everyone shouts out “Wakanda Forever!”

If you’re looking for an easy to access entry into what literally everyone is talking about, this is the book for you! As the perfect and unauthorized resource to keep on hand when watching something for the first—or tenth—time, Smart Pop Explains Marvel Movies and TV Shows like no one else could.
The Editors of Smart Pop are pop culturalists with a passion for movies, TV, books, games, and theater.
Product Details ISBN: 9781637740552
ISBN-10: 1637740557
Publisher: Smart Pop
Publication Date: July 5th, 2022
Pages: 256
Language: English