Blood Words: A Warrior's Walk (Large Print / Hardcover)

Blood Words: A Warrior's Walk By Manoshi Chitra Neogy, Scott Endsley Cover Image

Blood Words: A Warrior's Walk (Large Print / Hardcover)


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"Blood Words / A Warrior's Walk" stands as a captivating epic work of fiction, serving as the literary precursor to an upcoming film bearing the same title, with a script already in existence. The narrative unfolds around a formidable woman of the elements, embodying the depths of our humanity and symbolizing our fundamental nature. She exists as a paradox of complexity and simplicity, poised to embrace life, love, and continuous learning. This character embodies the dualities within us, navigating the confines of societal structures while also following her inner compass and intuitive wisdom.

The essence of "Blood Words" lies in its exploration of space and time through the perspective of a young Indian woman. It delves into the inherent dualities present in each individual, weaving together the struggles and nuances of two cultures experienced by a single person. Through vivid visual and emotional montages, the narrative paints a portrait of a warrior woman, an individual, and an artist who follows her calling and inner luminosity. She possesses a remarkable ability to provoke introspection beyond oneself, walking a path that challenges us to evolve or dissolve.

The protagonist is likened to a fallen Apsara, a celestial being descending to earth to enrich humanity. Bridging the east and the west, she encapsulates the essence of both cultures. In moments of despair, anguish, and pain, a part of her may yearn for the safety and warmth of her native culture. Yet, like a magnificent bird in flight, she rises from the ashes, conquering nostalgia and sentimentality with resilience and determination.

Product Details ISBN: 9781632670700
ISBN-10: 1632670704
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Publisher: International Publications Media Group LLC
Publication Date: March 5th, 2024
Pages: 402
Language: English