Southpaw (Paperback)

Southpaw By Kimberly McMaugh (Illustrator), Noah Baird Cover Image

Southpaw (Paperback)

By Kimberly McMaugh (Illustrator), Noah Baird


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In a wacky town of only left-handed people, something is not right . . .

South Paw explores the ideas of discrimination, bias, and acceptance. Read this book for enjoyment, or use it to stimulate deeper discussions on how we should treat each other.
Noah Baird, author of Donations to Clarity, wanted to attend the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, but his grades weren't good enough (who knew?). However, his grades were good enough to fly for the U.S. Navy (again, who knew?), where he spent 14 years until the government figured out surfers don't make the best military aviators. He has also tried to be a stand-up comedian in Hawaii for Japanese tourists, where the language barrier really screwed up some great jokes. On the bright side, a sailboat was named after the punchline of one of his jokes. This book was written at the request of his two children, who wanted him to write a book they could read. Kimberly always knew she had a flair for art, which was a talent she inherited from her incredibly artistic mother. So it was natural for her after high school to attend college as a fine art and graphic design major. Upon finishing school she moved to the majestic island of Nantucket and began a much more financially stable career in the restaurant industry. Living and working seasonally on Nantucket sparked the travel bug in her which led to many cross country trips through the U.S. She found herself relocating to places like Vail Colorado and spent several years living in Los Angeles honing her restaurant management skills. After moving back to Nantucket in 2000 her art career officially on hold she focused on her passion for food and wine and has since become an accomplished Sommelier. Always knowing that she should not be wasting her artistic talent she started dabbling in illustration. When Noah Baird saw on Facebook some of Kim's images from her own book idea he asked her to collaborate on "South Paw". Kim has realized her passion for illustration and is looking forward to many more books in the future.
Product Details ISBN: 9781630663636
ISBN-10: 1630663638
Publisher: Indigo Sea Press
Publication Date: January 26th, 2016
Pages: 40
Language: English