The Beginner's Guide to Cheese Making: Easy Recipes and Lessons to Make Your Own Handcrafted Cheeses (Paperback)

The Beginner's Guide to Cheese Making: Easy Recipes and Lessons to Make Your Own Handcrafted Cheeses By Elena R. Santogade Cover Image

The Beginner's Guide to Cheese Making: Easy Recipes and Lessons to Make Your Own Handcrafted Cheeses (Paperback)


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Beginners Become Experts—Cheese Making Made Easy

The Beginner's Guide to Cheese Making is an ideal introduction to making cheese at home. Filled with simple advice and straightforward recipes, this book makes it easy for you to start crafting your own scrumptious cheeses. No experience needed.

Want to customize your cheeses? Discover the best ways to experiment with recipes and change up your creations. You'll also find suggestions for the best beer and wine pairings.

The Beginner's Guide to Cheese Making includes:

  • Complete Instructions—You'll know exactly what to do every step of the way thanks to thorough, illustrated guides geared towards new cheese makers.
  • Step-by-Step Tracking—Write down your cheese making process on record sheets so you can easily remember or alter recipes on future attempts.
  • Cheese is Only the Beginning—Learn how your homemade cheese can become the essential ingredient in savory snack, meal, and dessert recipes.

Become the cheese master (who never has to settle for store-bought) with The Beginner's Guide to Cheese Making.

ELENA R. SANTOGADE’s successful career in the cheese industry began with a simple home cheesemaking hobby. After becoming a Certified Cheese Professional with the American Cheese Society, Elena opened two cheese-focused retail operations in New York. She is currently a Sales Manager for Grafton Village Cheese Co. in Vermont, and at any given time can be found nibbling on one of the half dozen cheeses in her fridge.

Product Details ISBN: 9781623157944
ISBN-10: 1623157943
Publisher: Callisto
Publication Date: March 21st, 2017
Pages: 208
Language: English

"If you're looking for a resource to get started down the path of home cheesemaking, this book is the perfect guide. A leader in today's cheese industry, Elena speaks with the wisdom of someone who learned hands-on. Her clear, considered instructions and friendly, entertaining voice will have you cranking out your own wheels in no time."
—Matt Spiegler, Cheesemaker at Jasper Hill Farm and author of the blog Cheesenotes

"Elena is as engaging on the page as she is in person. Here, she takes you on a complete tour of home cheesemaking, from basic equipment and techniques all the way to detailed recipes and tasting notes. This book is packed with how-to's and fun ideas."
—Andy Hatch, Owner and Cheesemaker at Uplands Cheese Company

"In The Beginner’s Guide to Cheesemaking—an easy-to-use, no-nonsense roadmap for aspiring cheesemakers—Elena empowers readers to develop their own unique versions of familiar cheeses. Perhaps the most valuable thing inside of these pages is a generous smattering of hard-earned cheesemaking lessons—small chunks of wisdom that you wouldn’t likely find without years of experience. This unsuspecting book establishes Elena as your official cheesemaking mentor."
—Elizabeth Chubbuck, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Murray's Cheese