This Is Woman's Work: Calling Forth Your Inner Council of Wise, Brave, Crazy, Rebellious, Loving, Luminous Selves (Hardcover)

This Is Woman's Work: Calling Forth Your Inner Council of Wise, Brave, Crazy, Rebellious, Loving, Luminous Selves Cover Image
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"A woman’s work is to define herself," writes award-winning slam poet Dominique Christina. While this task is important for everybody, Dominique says, "There is an urgency for women. When you have inherited a construct that names, describes, and practices an ideology that women are somehow less important, less necessary, then the work of defining yourself carries with it a kind of fury."

Every woman is composed of many selves—archetypal players of the psyche who contribute their voices to her greater "I." This Is Woman’s Work introduces us to our council of inner women, delving into the secret wisdom and gifts of the Willing Woman, the Rebel, the Shapeshifter, the Warrior, and more. Combining writing exercises with fresh and dynamic insights, Dominique helps us make an intimate connection with each inner woman—known and unknown, loved and feared—so we may integrate their voices, realize their wisdom, and open ourselves to our full expression and power.

About the Author

Dominique Christina is a writer, performer, educator, and activist. She has over ten years of experience as a licensed teacher, holding double master’s degrees in education and English literature. She holds four national titles in the three years she has been competing in slam poetry, including the 2012 and 2014 Women of the World Slam Champion and 2011 National Poetry Slam Champion.

Dominique’s work has been published in various literary journals, magazines, and anthologies, including Alight Literary Journal, Tandem Poetry Anthology, The Dead Animal Handbook, Heart & Soul Magazine, and Hysteria, and has been featured on Upworthy and the Huffington Post. Her first full-length poetry book, The Bones, The Breaking, The Balm: A Colored Girl's Hymnal, was released 2014. Her first young adult novel will be published in 2016. She lives in Denver and New York City. For more, please see

Praise For…

“Author, educator, and activist Christina (The Bones) explores 20 archetypes of female behavior in her warm-hearted third book. Each chapter is devoted to a different archetype, with poetry, attribute lists, writing exercises, and historical, spiritual, and literary examples woven throughout. The book is intended to help women define themselves and engage with archetypal behaviors, such as the 'Wombed and Willing Woman' and the 'Rebel and Journey Woman.' Christina writes that 'to fully know yourself is to reckon with all of these forms, all of these incarnations of womanness—to embrace, finally, the community of women that lives in all of us.' The boundaries Christina chooses to draw could be seen as simplistic, but her evocative and intimate voice effectively entwines her personal experiences with broader insights, inviting the reader to deconstruct the racist, sexist, and stereotypical paradigms of womanhood they have inherited. Her rich imagery, lyrical tone, and sharp acumen provide a refreshingly honest and nuanced guide for self-exploration. She successfully creates a safe, empowering space for women to find and create themselves.” —Publishers Weekly

“Beautiful and uplifting, this book provides a refreshing new approach to exploring the self through reclaimed language and imagery thereby facilitating unique, powerful, and atypical archetypes. Each chapter introduces creative and expansive ways for women to examine their inner workings and honor different aspects of the feminine. Author and poet Christina (The Bones, The Breaking, The Balm) replaces overused and arguably oversimplified Jungian archetypes, such as the femme fatale and the damsel in distress, with evocative mystical descriptions such as the third-eye woman or the rebel woman. This encourages women to reexamine self-imposed limitations and prejudices and reconsider ‘our voices and stories.’ VERDICT By providing forged paths for guided reflection, Christina imbues the reader’s spirit with inspiration.” —Library Journal, starred review

“An unearthing, the soil of which connects us to our past and our many selves.” —Staceyann Chin

“Each time I read Christina’s words, I come away with a vibrant and new understanding of myself as a woman. These exercises intend to steer us into the full wilderness that inhabits our bodies and demand we bring ourselves into wholeness.” —Rachel McKibbens, Women of the World Poetry Slam Champion 2009, author of Pink Elephant

“Dominique Christina has the courage to use her imagination, and her empathy, to conceive of an alternative world, in the midst of this one, using language to provide inspiration and instruction so people can straighten their backs and make the world a better place.” —Cornel West, educator, scholar, CNN analyst, author of Race Matters

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