Why I Married a Clown Girl From the Dimension of Death (Paperback)

Why I Married a Clown Girl From the Dimension of Death By Carlton Mellick Cover Image

Why I Married a Clown Girl From the Dimension of Death (Paperback)


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For over 20 years, Carlton Mellick III has been writing some of the strangest and most compelling novels the bizarro fiction genre has to offer. Described as one of the top 40 genre fiction writers under the age of 40 by The Guardian and "one of the most original novelists working today" by extreme horror legend Edward Lee, Mellick returns with an absurd horror satire about the nature of love and fear.

Timothy is terrified of clowns. He's always found them disturbing and creepy and weird. But now that our world is besieged by clown-like invaders from another dimension, his phobia is spiraling out of control. Timothy has no idea how to handle living in a world full of these cartoonish creatures until he meets a clown girl named Puppy Caterpillars who happens to be the cutest, sweetest girl he's ever encountered. They fall in love and Timothy believes his phobia has finally been cured. But after they get married, Timothy discovers his phobia might have been the only thing keeping him alive. Because the clowns from the dimension of death are even more terrifying and dangerous than he ever imagined and the woman that he married might just be the most horrifying creature to ever crawl out of his deepest, darkest nightmares.

Brace for an unforgettable and frightening love story from the author of Clownfellas and Cannibals of Candyland.

Product Details ISBN: 9781621053583
ISBN-10: 162105358X
Publisher: Eraserhead Press
Publication Date: November 14th, 2023
Pages: 128
Language: English