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"This book starts with events in 2012 and ends up in 2082. Women are
mostly in charge since roughly 2055 and things are a bit different than
they were in 2012. A new United Nations has been created, and the
world seems more connected (helped with major advances in technology). However, not all is well. Patria,
a hate group focused on women, are beginning to ramp up their presence
as the U.N. makes plans to honor The Circle of Thirteen, 13 women who
died as martyrs and were the impetus to the major changes in world. The
book bounces around in time, blending past and present very nicely to
move the tale along quickly.  It's just enough "sci-fi" to keep the
whole thing fresh, enough feminism to make it fascinating (and me wishful),
and enough fast-paced storytelling to keep me reading into the wee
hours. This is an impressive debut novel that I urge any lover of
mysteries to read." ~Jackie

— Jackie is our top book blogger & "the Fastest Read in the West"


In 2082, a catastrophic explosion rocks the dedication ceremony of the new United Nations in New York City. Security Director Julia Moro is on the job, chasing after the misogynistic leader of Patria, a long-disbanded international terrorist organization now being whispered about again on the streets. This dangerous, shadowy figure has been linked to several bombing attempts and vicious attacks on women, including the Women of Peace--an organization headed by thirteen bold women who have risked their lives to restore worldwide peace. As Julia's investigation unfolds, a deep secret from her past threatens to strip her of everything she cherishes and plunge her into unrecoverable darkness.

The Circle of Thirteen's gripping narrative weaves back and forth in time, from an act of domestic violence that created the disturbed personality of the Patria mastermind, to the two weeks leading up to the bombing at the UN, to events half a century before the bombing that directly influence it. The strong, relatable women and the unbreakable bond between them provide an emotionally grounded window into the future's unforgettable history.

About the Author

Bill Petrocelli is the co-owner, with his wife Elaine, of the famed independent San Francisco Bay Area Book Passage bookstores. As a former Deputy Attorney General for the State of California and a poverty lawyer in Oakland, Petrocelli has long been an advocate for women's rights. The Circle of Thirteen is his first novel.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781620454145
ISBN-10: 1620454149
Publisher: Turner
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2013
Pages: 336
Language: English