Paper Thin (The Lip Gloss Chronicles) (Paperback)

Paper Thin (The Lip Gloss Chronicles) By Shelia M. Goss Cover Image

Paper Thin (The Lip Gloss Chronicles) (Paperback)


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This is book number 3 in the The Lip Gloss Chronicles series.

Paper Thin, the third book in the Lip Gloss Chronicles series, tackles the important issue of weight and body image. Britney Franklin, Jasmine McNeil, and Sierra Sanchez are now sophomores. 

Living with her emotionally absent father and a stepmother who spoils her, Sierra doesn’t lack for material things, but she still struggles with the pain of losing her birth mother at an early age. Sierra hides her fears and disappointments behind food and fashion.

Sierra has always been more curvaceous than her friends, but after time spent at a weight loss camp, she returns to school twenty-five pounds lighter. Her sudden weight loss gives her a new level of confidence, and she goes from being sweet to displaying a diva-like attitude. Britney and Jasmine are quick to point out this new change.

In Sierra’s mind, her life should be more fabulous, since she is now thinner, but as the homecoming dance gets closer, she still hasn’t been asked to attend.  Jealousy sets in as Britney and Jasmine excitedly discuss their wardrobe for the upcoming dance.

Determined to win the attention of the new guy at school, Sierra goes on a quest to lose more weight by any means necessary. Will Sierra realize, before she destroys her health, that it’s not her size that’ll attract guys? 

Drama follows the three friends into their sophomore year. Once again their friendship is tested. During the growth process, Sierra learns the importance of being average size and healthy rather than starving to be paper thin.
Shelia M. Goss is the bestselling author of the young adult novel series, The Lip Gloss Chronicles and author of five women's fiction novels. Besides writing fiction, she is a freelance writer. She's the recipient of three Shades of Romance Magazine Readers’ Choice Multi-Cultural Awards and was honored as a Literary Diva: The Top 100 Most Admired African American Women in Literature.  Her website is or
Product Details ISBN: 9781601622044
ISBN-10: 160162204X
Publisher: Urban Renaissance
Publication Date: February 1st, 2010
Pages: 288
Language: English
Series: The Lip Gloss Chronicles