The Dream Bird (Paperback)

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Ages 5 to 6 years. Children will delight in the journeys of the big bird as he introduces his young charges to the venerable Prophets Shakir, Marwa and Umar are transported to the world of dreams by a big, bold and beautiful bird. Travelling back in time, the Dream Bird introduces them to the three great Prophets. Shakir sees Muhammad and visits Kaba, the first holy place. Marva witnesses the Prophet Isa (Jesus) as a baby and then later as he performs miracles including his healing of the blind man. Then the Dream Bird encounters little Umar napping under a tree, picks him up and takes him on a journey to meet Musa (Moses), view his splitting of the Red Sea and his acceptance of the Torah from Allah.

About the Author

Lale Suphandagi is an education specialist and a writer for children books. She lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

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ISBN: 9781597842822
ISBN-10: 1597842826
Publisher: Tughra Books
Publication Date: April 16th, 2013
Pages: 54
Language: English