The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia: Helping Your Loved One Get the Most Out of Life (Hardcover)

The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia: Helping Your Loved One Get the Most Out of Life By Kim T. Mueser, PhD, Susan Gingerich, MSW Cover Image

The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia: Helping Your Loved One Get the Most Out of Life (Hardcover)


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Will the person you love ever get better? Chances are you've grappled with the question. With care and support from their families, people with schizophrenia can and do make vast improvements. Noted therapists Kim Mueser and Susan Gingerich deepen your understanding of the illness and cover a wide range of effective treatments. Based on decades of research and experience, they offer pragmatic suggestions for dealing with depression, psychosis, and other symptoms. They show you how to prioritize needs, resolve everyday problems, and encourage your loved one to set life goals. Plus, individual sections highlight special issues for parents, children, siblings, and partners. Whether you’re facing schizophrenia for the first time or you’ve dealt with its impact for years, you’ll discover innovative ways to handle challenges that arise over the course of treatment, from reducing the chances of relapse to making friends and finding work. Recovery isn't an endpoint--it's a lifelong journey. With love, hope, and realistic optimism, striving for it can lead to a richer, more rewarding life for your entire family.

Winner, NAMI/Ken Book Award
Kim T. Mueser, PhD, a clinical psychologist, is Executive Director of the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University. His clinical and research interests include the treatment of schizophrenia and posttraumatic stress disorder and the diagnosis and treatment of people with multiple disorders. He has published extensively and lectures often on the topic of psychiatric rehabilitation.

Susan Gingerich, MSW, is a clinician and consultant with more than 20 years of clinical experience working with people who have severe mental illness and their families. She has an independent practice in Philadelphia.

Product Details ISBN: 9781593852733
ISBN-10: 1593852738
Publisher: The Guilford Press
Publication Date: May 25th, 2006
Pages: 480
Language: English
"If your loved one has schizophrenia, it challenges your whole family. Mueser and Gingerich cover all the bases to guide you along the road to recovery. Realistic and optimistic at the same time, this book is informative and practical from start to finish."--William T. Carpenter, Jr., MD, University of Maryland School of Medicine and Maryland Psychiatric Research Center

"After our son was diagnosed with schizophrenia, we spent the next four years learning about the illness and trying to help him. We were losing hope until we met Dr. Mueser. With Dr. Mueser's help, and using the principles outlined in this book, our lives and our son's life have greatly improved. So many parents would benefit from reading this book, using the worksheets, and keeping it on hand for continued reference over the years."--Ginger and Frank D., parents

"Too often, people with schizophrenia fall between the cracks of our system of care. This compassionate and comprehensive guide shows how you can strengthen your relationship with your ill family member and help him or her navigate the recovery journey. The authors provide state-of-the-art tools for mastering the extraordinary challenges that schizophrenia poses."--Ken Duckworth, MD, Chief Medical Officer, National Alliance on Mental Illness

"Concerned family members often ask me what they can do to help their loved one who is being treated for schizophrenia. For practical answers to this and many other questions, I will certainly recommend this clearly written, uplifting, and optimistic guide."--David G. Kingdon, MD, University of Southampton School of Medicine, UK

"Informative, authoritative, and comprehensive. This detailed guide to understanding and helping someone with schizophrenia dispels common myths and gives very practical advice for a wide range of common problems that family members encounter. It should be given to every family dealing with the diagnosis of a relative. I wish this wonderful book had been available when my brother first became ill."--Xavier Amador, PhD, author of I am Not Sick, I Don't Need Help!

"An extensive reference for families....The information provided is clearly written, realistic, optimistic in tone, and useful for families at many stages of dealing with the challenges of schizophrenia....As a clinician in a large public academic setting, I would highly recommend the Mueser and Gingerich guide to any patient or family seeking a greater understanding of the complex challenges facing them with schizophrenia and realistic, hopeful ways of meeting those challenges."
— Cognitive Therapy

"Information presented in a highly readable form and is current. Coverage is comprehensive and includes samples and descriptions of typical symptoms. The reader is helped to make the symptoms of schizophrenia understandable and to recognize the impact on others....[A] comprehensive collection of information and links to resources that should prove to be of great value to anyone dealing with a family member diagnosed with schizophrenia."
— Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Book Reviews

"A comprehensive and detailed explanation of the causes, symptoms, comorbidities, treatments, and expected outcomes of schizophrenia, along with specific management and coping recommendations for the family members of people with this disorder....This very accessible to family members and consumers in both style and contents. It takes a hands-on approach in providing family caregivers with concrete advice....differs from earlier self-help books on this topic in that its explication of the clinical course of people with schizophrenia embraces of people with schizophrenia embraces contemporary views of recovery and offers guidance in coping with mental illness stigma, thereby empowering caregivers to help empower their relatives. Finally, this book is innovative in that it includes sections on issues and concerns unique to caregivers with different family relationships to the consumer...and for caregivers whose relatives have specific kinds of symptoms or comorbidities....should be on the .must read. list for every mental health professional and family member of a relative with schizophrenia."
— The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

"A remarkable book. It is authoritative, comprehensive, well written, and very easy to reference and use. It is filled with useful advice and information on topics such as symptoms of schizophrenia, specific family issues related to the illness, relapse prevention, improving communications, co-occurring substance abuse, involvement with the community, and many other issues and problems faced by persons with schizophrenia....One of the real strengths of this book is how it navigates the relationship between consumers and their families in regard to issues such as autonomy and independence....In my future practice, I will recommend this excellent book whenever I encounter family members whose relative has schizophrenia. It can serve as a guidebook that can be initially read to learn about the area and later referred to in regard to specific issues that arise. I would also recommend it for graduate students who are interested in working with persons with serious mental illness."

"Needed information can be found in this truly remarkable book. It is outstanding not only for the information it provides, but for its organization....I have seen many books about family experiences while living with a relative who has schizophrenia and there are several that tell how to cope, but this book stands alone for thoroughness. The authors have included almost everything a family member needs to know....It is written with clarity and an understanding of the questions a reader might have....I think so highly of this book that I believe that community mental health center or hospital staff should give a copy to every family when a diagnosis of schizophrenia is made."
— The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal

"A straightforward, practical, user-friendly resource that not only provides a thorough overview of the challenging realities—both for the consumer and for family membersof everyday life with schizophrenia, but also details in plain English what can be done to help improve the quality of life for each member of the family."
— Schizophrenia Digest

"This is one of the most valuable books that any concerned family member or friend of a person with schizophrenia will read. If one is looking for a complete, unbiased, and informative family guide on schizophrenia, look no further. Five stars."
— Doody's Review Service