De Profundis (Paperback)

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For Wilde fans wishing to explore the story behind the icon, De Profundis, a long letter written by Wilde during his time of imprisonment, is a must-read. Convicted of indecency for his homosexual activities, Wilde was sentenced to two years of hard labor. Its title means 'from the depths', and its contents recounts both his relationship with Lord Alfred Douglas (to whom the letter is addressed) and the lavish lifestyle which led to his conviction. Published in 1905, the letter, with its dark tone and harrowing tales, provides stark contrast to Wilde's former philosophy of pleasure.This classic title has been published by RADLEY BOOKS. Each RADLEY CLASSIC is a meticulously restored, luxurious and faithful reproduction of a classic book; produced with elegant text layout, clarity of presentation, and stylistic features that make reading a true pleasure. Special attention is given to legible fonts and adequate letter sizing, correct line length for readability, generous margins and triple lead (lavish line separation); plus we do not allow any mistakes/changes/additions to creep into the author's words.Visit RADLEY BOOKS at (or search RADLEY CLASSIC on Amazon) to see more classic book titles in this series.

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ISBN: 9781545374641
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Publication Date: April 15th, 2017
Pages: 64
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