The New Rules of Attachment: How to Heal Your Relationships, Reparent Your Inner Child, and Secure Your Life Vision (Hardcover)

The New Rules of Attachment: How to Heal Your Relationships, Reparent Your Inner Child, and Secure Your Life Vision By Dr. Judy Ho Cover Image

The New Rules of Attachment: How to Heal Your Relationships, Reparent Your Inner Child, and Secure Your Life Vision (Hardcover)


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Discover a revolutionary approach to attachment theory that teaches readers how to heal their inner child to change their anxious, avoidant, or disorganized attachment style in relationships, friendships, at work, and home—perfect for readers of How to Do the Work, Polysecure, and Amir Levine’s Attached.

Did you know that attachment style impacts more than romantic relationships? As it turns out, most of us are thinking about Attachment Theory all wrong, and triple board-certified clinical and forensic neuropsychologist Dr. Judy Ho is here to set the record straight.
Grounded in the science of attachment, Dr. Judy’s game-changing approach shows that our attachment style impacts every aspect of our lives: friendships, career, goal setting, and, critically, our sense of self. Moreover, we can all learn to become securely attached—no matter what attachment style we developed in childhood—meaning that we can reclaim our ability to feel safe, loved, and capable of achieving the life we’ve always wanted.
Through Dr. Judy’s innovative program, readers will learn to identify their attachment style, recognize their core needs and wounds, and implement evidence-based practical tools to heal their inner child as they develop the secure attachment we all need to thrive.
Readers will also benefit from:
  • A new attachment style quiz to identify your attachment style in all areas of life.
  • A personalized approach that allows you to start making positive change today.
  • More than two dozen transformative exercises to support your journey to healing.
With warmth, authority, and a bias to action, The New Rules of Attachment is a call to achieving unconditional self-love and a meaningful, joyful life.
Dr. Judy Ho, Ph. D., ABPP, ABPdN is a triple board certified and licensed Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychologist, a tenured Associate Professor at Pepperdine University, and author of Stop Self-Sabotage. An avid researcher and a two-time recipient of the National Institute of Mental Health Services Research Award, Dr. Judy maintains a private practice where she specializes in comprehensive neuropsychological assessments and expert witness work. She is often called on by the media as an expert psychologist and is also a sought after public speaker for universities, businesses, and organizations. Dr. Judy received her bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Business Administration from UC Berkeley, and her masters and doctorate from SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology. She completed a National Institute of Mental Health sponsored fellowship at UCLA's Semel Institute.

Product Details ISBN: 9781538741429
ISBN-10: 1538741423
Publisher: Balance
Publication Date: March 26th, 2024
Pages: 368
Language: English
"Dr. Judy Ho's The New Rules of Attachment is a compass for your personal revolution. Brace yourself for a bold departure from the ordinary. Unearth your attachment style, mend old wounds, and redefine the game with quizzes and exercises that pack a punch. This book is your invitation to a life of self-love and authentic connections—a must-read for those ready to rewrite their story."—Jessica Baum, LMHC, Author of Anxiously Attached: Becoming More Secure in Life and Love

“The exercises in The New Rules of Attachment will be a significant breakthrough for those of us who want to finally release our childhood wounds, traumas and dysfunctional adult behaviors. You will love yourself even more with your new-found sense of well-being.”—John Assaraf, New York Times Best Selling Author, CEO and Founder of

“In this must-read book, Dr. Judy Ho navigates the intricate realm of attachment styles, illuminating a path to self-transformation. Ultimately, her book serves as a guide to help us embark on a journey towards a more empowered, fulfilling, and joyous life, while redefining our own potential and understanding of self.’”—Dr. Nita Landry, MD, OB-GYN, author of Dr. Nita's Crash Course for Women: Better Sex, Better Health, Better You

“This book is a game-changer for your relationships—starting with yourself, extending to family, and sizzling into your romantic connections. Dr. Judy's innovative approach is a breath of fresh air, delivering evidence-based tools that will reshape your life in ways you've never imagined.”—Sarah Pendrick, founder and host of GirlTalk and Life Audit, author of Beautifully Brave

“I don’t think I’ve ever had the human experience simplified in such an easy-to-follow way. This book helped me understand why I feel the way I do about so many things that I didn’t even realize I was feeling. The New Rules of Attachment is a must read.”—Jonathan Bennett, actor

“Dr. Judy is unequivocally the leading authority on attachment theory. Her exceptional expertise transcends merely identifying one's attachment style, as she skillfully guides individuals on an enlightening voyage of self-exploration and profound "Aha!" moments.”—Kyle Kittleson, Host of MedCircle, author of Wear a Westsuit at Work

“Dr. Judy Ho breaks down attachment styles in a way anyone can understand. I will be keeping this close when I need more understanding of my anxious attachment.”—Terra Newell, Dirty John Survivor, Trauma Coach, host of The Survivor Squad podcast

"The New Rules of Attachment is a thoughtful, well-rounded guide for exploring attachment as well as different aspects of personality and self. I recommend it for anyone who is looking to dive deeper into learning about themselves."—Annie Chen, LMFT, author of The Attachment Theory Workbook

"Dr. Judy Ho provides a fascinating and insightful excursion into the world of human relationships by examining the types of attachments we form during our lifetimes. The book is loaded with practical tips, exercises, and activities that are certain to significantly enhance our emotional functioning and state of well-being. A fabulous read!"—Dr. David A. Levy, author of Tools of Critical Thinking and Life Is a 4-Letter Word