A Kid from Southie (MP3 CD)

A Kid from Southie By Michael Harmon, John "Red" Shea, Pj Marino (Read by) Cover Image

A Kid from Southie (MP3 CD)

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High school senior Aiden O'Connor's life is in turmoil. He's bored with school, his growing skill at boxing won't pay the rent when his drunken father leaves, and someone is keeping his mom from finding work in any pub in South Boston.

Lured by childhood friend Tommy's promise of easy money, Aiden reluctantly gets mixed up with the Irish mob. Aiden's strong sense of honor makes him a bit too good at his job with the King of the Street, who wants to keep Aiden involved for reasons of his own. Conflicted about nearly everything, Aiden has to decode where his loyalties lie - and when he has had enough.

Exploding with tough choices and the grit of true crime, A Kid from Southie is the story of one teen's dangerous trip through the temptations of power and the sacrifices that come with it on his way to deciding who he wants to be.

Product Details ISBN: 9781531811518
ISBN-10: 1531811515
Publisher: Audible Studios on Brilliance
Publication Date: August 9th, 2016
Language: English