This Won't Hurt: How Medicine Fails Women (Hardcover)

This Won't Hurt: How Medicine Fails Women By Marieke Bigg Cover Image

This Won't Hurt: How Medicine Fails Women (Hardcover)


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'A vital subject that needs to be discussed -KATY HESSEL, AUTHOR OF THE STORY OF ART WITHOUT MEN

'A valuable sociological perspective on women's bodies and health and an even more valuable (and optimistic) view of a better future for all.' GINA RIPPON

'Asking all the right questions about the treatment of women's bodies and more importantly, answering them. Punchy, fascinating and vital.' RACHEL PARRIS

'A brilliant book.' HELEN PANKHURST

The idea that medicine is gender-neutral is a myth. This isn't inflammatory rhetoric; it's simply true. From the way pain is felt, to how heart attacks are diagnosed, to the very role society plays in the health of the body, the medical landscape in place today is one that was designed for, and by, men.

 This book is about all the ways medicine is not gender-neutral, from research to treatment to diagnosis. Throughout history, flawed mindsets have paved the way for sub-par treatment, and the prevailing attitudes that still exist today have had terrible repercussions for women and their bodies.
 Blending fascinating examples with historical and cultural context, and reflecting on her own personal experience with healthcare, Dr Marieke Bigg explores how women's bodies have been ignored, misunderstood and misdiagnosed, whilst keeping an eye to a better future. This is a sharp and honest must-read, and an empowering tool for anyone committed to making this world safer to navigate for all.
Dr Marieke Bigg holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Cambridge. Her work focused on the role of biological models and biologists in public deliberations on biotechnology and reproductive medicine. She also writes fiction that deals with the intersection of art and the female body. Besides her writing, she runs writing workshops, lectures, and collaborates with scientists and artists to produce exhibitions that conjure new social worlds.

Product Details ISBN: 9781529377699
ISBN-10: 1529377692
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Publication Date: October 10th, 2023
Pages: 336
Language: English