Shabbat Sabotage (Hardcover)

Shabbat Sabotage By Emma Carlson Berne Cover Image

Shabbat Sabotage (Hardcover)


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Welcome to Camp Shalom, a Jewish sleepaway camp that offers adventure and friendship! But when mysterious events start occurring, the campers will need to use their brains and work together-with some occasional sneaking around-to figure out what's really going on.

"Shabbat Sabotage is an engaging mystery about the achievements of girls through friendship, teamwork, and support." --Foreward Reviews

"Shabbat Sabotage, an engaging fun sleepaway camp mystery, will resonate with anyone who has been a 'reluctant' camper." -- Association of Jewish Libraries

"This is one of the most uplifting Jewish camp books I've ever read!" -- The Sydney Taylor Shmooze

Maya can't deny that she's nervous on the first day at Camp Shalom. She's never been to sleepaway camp before, she doesn't like insects and heat, and worst of all, she's afraid of swimming after an upsetting experience back at home. Maya feels a lot better about Camp Shalom after meeting friendly Dani, but she's not so sure about bossy Yael.

When someone steals the silver kiddush cup and two candlesticks that their cabin needs to lead Shabbat, Maya and Dani do some sleuthing. They're no closer to catching the thief when Dani discovers that she is being accused. Now Maya really has to find out who sabotaged Shabbat-or her best friend will be sent home from camp. Meanwhile, she still has to pass the camp swimming test or she won't be able to go on the sleepover to Snake Island. Maya has a busy summer ahead, but with Dani's help-and maybe even Yael's-she will find out that honesty and the support of her friends can solve any problem.
Emma Carlson Berne is the author of Books by Horseback, illustrated by Ilaria Urbinati, the Sparkle Dragons series, illustrated by Luke Flowers, and Never Let You Go, a young adult novel. She often writes about Jewish history and culture. Emma lives with her family in Cincinnati, Ohio where she enjoys reading, horseback riding, and walking in the woods.

Product Details ISBN: 9781499813074
ISBN-10: 1499813074
Publisher: Yellow Jacket
Publication Date: April 26th, 2022
Pages: 176
Language: English
Emma Carlson Berne's clever mystery novel Shabbat Sabotage is about friendship, community, and facing one's
Maya doesn't want to go to summer camp. She's not athletic, she doesn't enjoy the outdoors, and she has difficulties
making friends. But when she arrives at Camp Shalom and meets her counselor, Tamar, and fellow cabin members of
Team Akko-Dani, Gracie, Marisa, and Yael-she immediately fits in. At the camp opening ceremony, she is swept
up in the feeling of community; now, there is nowhere she'd rather be. To top it all off, Team Akko are chosen to lead
Camp Shalom's first Shabbat service.
But then the valuable objects used for Shabbat are stolen. Team Akko bands together to solve the crime so that they
can lead the Shabbat service as planned; they set out to find the thief hiding in the campers' midst. They confront
unforeseen challenges where the clues point to one of Team Akko's own members, though.
The mystery centers the intelligence and friendship of the girls. Maya is the heart of the crime-solving crew, while
Sherlock Holmes-obsessed Dani is its mastermind. Gracie and Marisa are the foot soldiers, and Yael is more elusive.
These relatable characters overcome personal fears connected to the activities at the camp; these also tie in with the
mystery they are working to solve. They move with speed toward a satisfying resolution to their sleuthing, with
important lessons learned by all.
Shabbat Sabotage is an engaging mystery about the achievements of girls through friendship, teamwork, and support.