Search for the Astral Dragon (Hardcover)

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Search for the Astral Dragon (Hardcover)

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This fast-paced YA space opera (reminiscent of Star Wars) follows a strong female protagonist, Megan, on an interplanetary search for her mother. On her journey, Megan witnesses the horrors of child trafficking and slavery and joins with a group of other teens to fight against corrupt systems and stand up for the vulnerable.

Full of unusual characters and daring escapes, Search for the Astral Dragon draws readers into a world of snarky spaceship computer systems, a variety of different sentient species, spaceship tech, and magical elements. Megan is smart and quick-thinking, competent with spacecraft technology, and a person of strong character who's experiences give readers difficult questions to consider.

  • What is Justice?
  • Slavery
  • Violence

Product Details ISBN: 9781496451798
ISBN-10: 1496451791
Publisher: Wander
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2022
Pages: 448
Language: English