The Paradise Vendor - Book One: World Changers (Paperback)

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Book One - World Changers Casey Raymond has developed a gasless car he wants to market to the world. But he refuses to sell out to the oil companies. "I want a car in every garage by the end of the year, " he says. And with a sticker price of only five grand, he believes he can do it. Big business has other ideas. Casey is threatened. His production plant is sabotaged. Despite everything, his cars catch on. Things seem to be going well until an assassin, a young man from the ghetto, is hired to kill him. "The World Changers" is the first part of an action-adventure trilogy that spans twenty years and three presidential administrations, a panoramic epic examining the costs of empowerment, the price of intimacy, and the simple affirmation of the value of oneself.

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ISBN: 9781492904342
ISBN-10: 1492904341
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 29th, 2013
Pages: 256
Language: English