A Practical Guide to SAP Integration Suite: Sap's Cloud Middleware and Integration Solution (Paperback)

A Practical Guide to SAP Integration Suite: Sap's Cloud Middleware and Integration Solution By Jaspreet Bagga Cover Image

A Practical Guide to SAP Integration Suite: Sap's Cloud Middleware and Integration Solution (Paperback)


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This book covers the basics of SAP's Integration Suite, including a broad overview of its capabilities, installation, and real-life examples to illustrate how it can be used to integrate, develop, administer, and monitor applications in the cloud.

As you progress through the book, you will see how SAP Integration Suite works as an open, enterprise-grade platform that is a fully vendor-managed, multi-cloud offering that will help you expedite your SAP and third-party integration scenarios. The entire value chain is explored in detail, including usage of APIs and runtime control.

Author Jaspreet Bagga demonstrates how SAP's prebuilt integration packages facilitate quicker, more comprehensive integrations, and how they support a variety of integration patterns. You'll learn how to leverage the platform to enable seamless cloud and on-premises applications connectivity, develop custom scenarios, mix master data, blend business-to-business (B2B) and electronic data interchange (EDI) processes, including trading partner management. Also covered are business-to-government (B2G) scenarios, orchestrating data and pipelines, and mixing event-driven integration.

Upon completing this book, you will have a thorough understanding of why SAP Integration Suite is the middleware of SAP's integration strategy, and be able to effectively use it in your own integration scenarios.

What You Will Learn

  • ´╗┐Understand SAP Integration Suite and its core capabilities
  • Know how integration technologies, such as architecture and supplementary intelligent technologies, work within the SAP Integration Suite
  • Discover services for pre-packaged accelerators: SAP API Management, the Integration Advisor, and the SAP API Business Hub
  • Utilize integration features to link your on-premises or cloud-based systems
  • Understand the capabilities of the newly released Migration Assessment

Who This Book Is for

Web developers and application leads who want to learn SAP Integration Suite.

Jaspreet Bagga is an executive consultant with expertise in SAP, SaaS/cloud integrations, cybersecurity, and data science. He is a hands-on SAP architect who does pre-sales, solution architecture, and development work, and leads the delivery of complex integration programs, and manages global teams and ensures successful project go live/goals. Jaspreet has made a lasting impact on more than 73 global businesses, delivering more than 200 IT projects for Fortune 500 clients such as Walgreens, McKinsey & Company, State of Nevada, Discovery Channel, Aflac Insurance, City of San Diego, Siemens, etc. Jaspreet was inducted as an official member of the Forbes Technology Council.
Product Details ISBN: 9781484293362
ISBN-10: 1484293363
Publisher: Apress
Publication Date: July 1st, 2023
Pages: 397
Language: English