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By James Scott, Kate Udall (Read by)
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The relentless, bleak, cold weather
that is pervasive in James Scott’s intense and gripping debut
novel, The Kept enhanced and underscored the vigilance and heightened
sensory awareness that Caleb and his mother Elsbeth maintain as they
set off to revenge the slaughter of their family. Upstate New York
in 1897 still had hidden valleys for remote homesteading and rough,
windswept lake towns where the wealthy and powerful ruled bodies and
souls and meted out justice as was their wont. Elsbeth, a midwife,
harbors dark secrets. Caleb, after witnessing the massacre of his
deeply religious father and four siblings, possesses determination
and grit that belies his youth. They are each unforgettable and
together seem invincible. The power of James Scott’s prose and
characters and the addictive narrative kept me riveted from page one
to the final, explosive scene."   ~Cathy Langer

— Cathy is our lead book buyer at Tattered Cover

A boy witnesses men who come into his isolated country home and kill
every member of his family except his mother, who was not home. When she
does come home, he shoots his mother mistaking her through his fear to
be one of the killers returned to finish the job. Once his mother has
recovered enough to venture into the unrelenting winter, she and the boy
leave their home behind. The boy searching for revenge, the woman,
atonement. Thus begins the incredible tale in James Scott’s debut, The Kept.
The novel takes place on the New York shore of Lake Erie, in the late
1890’s. The story follows Elsbeth, the mother, and Caleb, her twelve
year-old son. Elsbeth is a midwife who has stolen all of her children,
because she can not have them on her own. Caleb is a boy entering
manhood early, a boy who does not know the woman he has thought his
mother until now. Elsbeth is plagued by guilt, and trying to find
redemption, if only in the eyes of Caleb.

James Scott’s writing is beautiful: from the descriptions of his
landscapes, to the sounds within it, to the secrets hidden in his
characters. This is a compelling novel I found hard to put down, and
when I did, I found it lingering in my thoughts." ~Joe

— Joe is reader extraordinaire, former TC bookseller-turned-gentleman-farmer & book blogger

January 2014 Indie Next List

“It is a rare pleasure to read a novel that is written with such self-assuredness, balance, and grace as The Kept, but the fact that it is also a debut makes it all the more extraordinary. Elspeth and Caleb's troubled odyssey through rural upstate New York at the turn of the 20th century is both vivid and compelling, with the starkness of the setting matched only by the ruthless nature of the characters, all stunningly balanced with beautiful prose. Scott joins the pantheon of great American writers such as Cormac McCarthy and Flannery O'Connor in his understanding of the dichotomy of violence and beauty.”
— Emily Crowe, Odyssey Bookshop, South Hadley, MA


Set in rural New York state at the turn of the twentieth century, superb new talent James Scott makes his literary debut with The Kept--a propulsive novel reminiscent of the works of Michael Ondaatje, Cormac McCarthy, and Bonnie Jo Campbell, in which a mother and her young son embark on a quest to avenge a terrible and violent tragedy that has shattered their secluded family.In the winter of 1897, a trio of killers descends upon an isolated farm in upstate New York. Midwife Elspeth Howell returns home to the carnage: her husband, and four of her children, murdered. Before she can discover her remaining son Caleb, alive and hiding in the kitchen pantry, another shot rings out over the snow-covered valley. Twelve-year-old Caleb must tend to his mother until she recovers enough for them to take to the frozen wilderness in search of the men responsible.A scorching portrait of a merciless world--of guilt and lost innocence, atonement and retribution, resilience and sacrifice, pregnant obsession and primal adolescence--The Kept introduces an old-beyond-his-years protagonist as indelible and heartbreaking as Mattie Ross of True Grit or Jimmy Blevins of All the Pretty Horses, as well as a shape-shifting mother as enigmatic and mysterious as a character drawn by Russell Banks or Marilynne Robinson.
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ISBN: 9781482991161
ISBN-10: 1482991160
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: January 7th, 2014
Language: English