The Super Human Effect: My Quest for the Moment When Everything Changes (Paperback)

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Fear has picked up uncontrollable speed in our world today. Skyrocketing unemployment rates, the threat of a worldwide economic collapse, global warming, civil unrest, terrorism, and what the end of the Mayan calendar might bring in 2012 have put the prospects of a better life on hold for many throughout the world. Trips have been canceled, weddings postponed; fulfilling jobs aligned with our skills and passion are not pursued for security reasons. Is fear destined to win?

The Super Human Effect is an exploration of the moment when our life's purpose is revealed and the actions that stem from this inspired epiphany. As we strip away disempowering beliefs, painful references, and a strong identification with our limiting sense of self, we allow for our authentic nature to be re-ignited and inspired action to be released.

Along with inspiring stories of the moment when everything changed in the lives of influential figures, author Dennis Rodriguez shares in "real time" his decision-making process to resign a university director position after eight years and during the "deepest recession since the Great Depression" to follow his spiritual heart and live the life in public he has led in private--a life committed to eradicating fear.

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ISBN: 9781452532950
ISBN-10: 1452532958
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication Date: March 18th, 2011
Pages: 200
Language: English