Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar: Self-Education and the Pursuit of Passion (Paperback)

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This unique and insightful book challenges our prevailing and often fallacious attitudes about schooling. In today's volatile job market, ideas are more important than training, innovation is more important than credentials; traditional schooling may no longer be necessary or even useful. The ability to educate oneself--to learn how to learn--is crucial. In Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar, James Bach demonstrates how to nurture one's natural curiosities and passions through the whimsical learning process he calls "buccaneering"--demonstrating that those who understand this fundamental principle will come to dominate this new world.

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“With remarkable insight, James Bach describes the tools, skills and mindset necessary to create your own education. If the millions of students currently sitting in class took Bach’s simple advice and began creating products, projects, and organizations in the real world, unemployment could be solved practically overnight.”

--Dale J. Stephens, Founder of

“Bach’s book is a wake-up call. I recommend it to just about anyone who wants to hear a different take on learning from what they’ve heard from parents and teachers.”

“James Bach has demonstrated that there are opportunities for each one of us to expand the innate capacity of our mind to learn and be creative without surrendering to the dictates of an academic establishment.”

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ISBN: 9781439109090
ISBN-10: 1439109095
Publisher: Scribner Book Company
Publication Date: October 11th, 2011
Pages: 205
Language: English