Emma's War: A True Story (Compact Disc)

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Tall, striking, and adventurous to a fault, young British relief worker Emma McCune came to Sudan determined to make a difference. She became a near legend in the bullet-scarred, famine-ridden country, but her marriage to a rebel warlord spelled disastrous consequences for her ideals. Enriched by Deborah Scroggins' firsthand experience as an award-winning journalist in Sudan, this unforgettable account of Emma McCune's tragically short life also provides an up-close look at the volatile politics in the region. It's a world where international aid fuels armies as well as the starving population, and where the northern-based Islamic government--with ties to Osama bin Laden--is locked in a war with the Christian and pagan south over religion, oil, and slaves.
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ISBN: 9781433212949
ISBN-10: 1433212943
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Publication Date: December 1st, 2007
Language: English