Breathing for Warriors: Master Your Breath to Unlock More Strength, Greater Endurance, Sharper Precision, Faster Recovery, and an Unshakable Inner Game (Paperback)

Breathing for Warriors: Master Your Breath to Unlock More Strength, Greater Endurance, Sharper Precision, Faster Recovery, and an Unshakable Inner Game By Belisa Vranich, Brian Sabin Cover Image

Breathing for Warriors: Master Your Breath to Unlock More Strength, Greater Endurance, Sharper Precision, Faster Recovery, and an Unshakable Inner Game (Paperback)


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Dr. Belisa Vranich's ground-breaking second book teaches the science, techniques, and benefits of breathing correctly and efficiently for warriors in all walks of life.

People are less in touch with their bodies—and especially their breathing—than ever before. Ironically, athletes and others who pride themselves on taking care of their bodies actually put themselves at greater risk. Why? Because they’re asking their body to take on next-level demands, but failing at life’s most essential skill: efficient breathing.

Proper breathing is the world’s most powerful biohack. Learning it will help you feel better, avoid injury, and perform at your very best (including in bed!). Champion gladiators, master martial artists, even spearfishers all had one thing in common: efficient breathing to achieve flawless execution.

An elite few still understand: Navy SEALs who need to make the perfect shot, super-elite weightlifters who truly understand how to harness and channel their energy, free-divers who can spend seemingly impossible amounts of time underwater, and high-profile execs who keep calm before multi-billion-dollar presentations.

You can learn their secrets.

From the corporate athlete to the tactical ninja, Breathing for Warriors is a practical, science-forward book that focuses on everything related to breathing and performance—from muscles and workouts to an impenetrable inner game.

As a clinical psychologist with over twenty years of experience, DR. BELISA VRANICH has spent the last decade dedicating herself to the study of breathing. She is the founder of The Breathing Class and has appeared in dozens of national media outlets, including Anderson Cooper, CNN, Fox, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, The Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, Men's Fitness and Huffington Post. She is the former sports psychologist for Gold's Gym.

Brian Sabin is an award-winning writer and consultant. His work has appeared in VICE, Men’s Journal, and Runners World, among others. He is a lifelong athlete and former asthmatic-turned-Boston Marathon qualifier.

Product Details ISBN: 9781250308221
ISBN-10: 1250308224
Publisher: St. Martin's Essentials
Publication Date: March 10th, 2020
Pages: 272
Language: English

“A treasure of information on how to get the most out of your mind and body. It all starts with breathing!” –Bas Rutten, UFC Heavyweight Champion.

“I trust Dr. Belisa more than anyone in the category of breathing dysfunction. No one is more comprehensive. She is the giver of life through breath.” –Jen Widerstrom, celebrity trainer from TV’s “The Biggest Loser,” Fitness Director of SHAPE Magazine.

“One of the greatest promises of sport is achieving your highest potential. The best coaches on the planet know this, and take lessons learned in high-performance environments and distill them down into essential behaviors for the rest of us mortals. Formula 1-type human performance is more than just entertainment, it is our living laboratory. You are holding the lab notes. Go and see what’s possible.” –Dr. Kelly Starrett, DPT New York Times bestselling author and co-founder of The Ready State.

“Finally, there is a guide on breathing to enhance injury resilience and performance. Sabin and Vranich have created an utterly engrossing read, founded in science, and buttressed with real-world validity and application tips for the strength athlete or the endurance athlete alike.”
–Stu McGill, Ph.D. and Professor Emeritus of Spine Biomechanics, University of Waterloo, Canada.

“Dr. Belisa is able to explain breathing for athletes with the importance it deserves. Whether you are a pro, amateur, just work out or compete, she is your go-to when it comes to breathing for strength and endurance.” –Juliana Malacarne, Bodybuilder and four-time winner of Olympia Women's Physique Showdown.
“Dr. Belisa's knowledge of breathing is awesome. I appreciate her ability to translate complex pulmonary information and make it interesting and practical. It is an essential part of physical, emotional and mental health.” –Laird Hamilton, American Big Wave Surfer.

“This book is a wake-up call. Most health problems are caused by what you least expect. If you want to feel better and move with less pain and more power, this is a practical guide that gives readers the ability to do just that.” –Adam Bornstein, New York Times bestselling author, Chief of Nutrition at Ladder, former Editorial Director at LIVESTRONG and Fitness Editor at Men's Health.

“Rhythmic breathing revitalized my running career and helped me discover my true potential. Whether you're a runner, lifter, or athlete in any other sport, the techniques in Breathing for Warriors can help you discover yours.” –Budd Coates, author of Running on Air, longtime coach and advisor to Runner’s World magazine, and four-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier.

“Replacing reps and time with breaths has been the single biggest game-changer in over a decade for the mobility routines I coach. Discover how much better you'll move and feel when you breathe more efficiently. This book shows you the way.” –Joe DeFranco, world-renowned strength & conditioning coach to NFL, MLB & NBA players, WWE superstars, UFC fighters, and Olympic and Division I athletes.

“Proper breathing is a key part of creating tension, which is *the* key to strength training. While breathing correctly may seem simple and natural to do, but it's hard to explain. Sabin and Vranich went to great lengths to find the right cues, from the right people, to help you move, lift and perform better.” –Dan John, lifting and throwing coach, Highland Games competitor, and author of Never Let Go and several other bestselling books on weightlifting and health.

“Breathing is a hot buzzword nowadays, and with that comes a lot of misinformation on the topic. In this book, Vranich and Sabin do a great job of talking about how impactful proper breathing is, and give you actionable and practical advice to implement properly into your own training.” –Mike Robertson, high-performance coach and co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (I-FAST) in Indianapolis, named one of America’s Top 10 Gyms by Men’s Health.

“I have had the pleasure of taking Dr. Belisa's class and training on breathing and it is life changing. From performance enhancements during physical movements to relaxing and fall asleep faster. Both ends of the spectrum and everything in between are covered by this book and Dr. Belisa's coaching. She is making lives better with what she does and writes.”
-Stew Smith, CSCS, US Naval Academy, Navy SEAL Officer

“Breathing for Warriors inflates your awareness and deflates myth while giving practical training tips for using your own wind instrument. Belisa and Brian turn up the gas on the most important vital sign for humans, breath. The pages deftly flow through the history of breath training (yogis, greeks, romans, elite athletes, warriors!) along with research and modern day experimentation. Whether you’re an athlete, clinician, a recovering smoker or curious about how to improve your stress resilience, you’ll never think about your lungs the same way.”
-Jill Miller, author of The Roll Model: A Step by Step Guide to Erase Pain, Improve Mobility and Live Better in Your Body

"Vranich and Sabin have written the ultimate book about breathing for athletes and those with active lifestyles. I now regard proper breathing as being as important to performance as any other aspect of training, or even more so."
-Sean Hyson, Editor-in-Chief of Onnit, Author of The Men's Health Encyclopedia of Muscle, 101 Best Workouts of All Time, Training Director for Men’s Fitness and Muscle and Fitness.