Career Anchors: The Changing Nature of Work and Careers Participant Workbook, 4th Edition (Paperback)

Career Anchors: The Changing Nature of Work and Careers Participant Workbook, 4th Edition By Edgar H. Schein Cover Image

Career Anchors: The Changing Nature of Work and Careers Participant Workbook, 4th Edition (Paperback)

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Career Anchors: Participant Workbook, Fourth Edition

Using the Career Anchors Participant Workbook as your guide you will be able to explore and better understand your workplace skills and competencies, career motives and values.

With this program, you will gain new insight into your career values and how they relate to your past and future choices. This easy-to-use workbook includes information about career development and a more complete description of the eight career anchors categories. This new edition features updated or new information that addresses issues such as

  • The rapidly changing world of business including more information on globalization, heightened competition, new technologies, greater organizational instability and uncertainty and shifting societal values, all of which influence career trajectories and career anchors
  • A more detailed description and elaboration of the eight anchors
  • A Role Mapping Process that helps to consider the various external demands and pressures with suggested action steps.
  • A Work Career and Family/Life Priority Grid that includes suggestions for how the work, family, and personal patterns identified can interact (for better or worse) with each of the eight career anchors
  • A new "looking ahead" section of the workbook that begins with a comprehensive look at how the world of work is changing and what these changes may mean for each of the career anchors
  • Developmental activities that participants can use as next steps in their career development

Once you have completed the Career Anchors Self-Assessment, this workbook will be your next-step resource for analyzing and understanding your particular career anchor.

Edgar H. Schein is Sloan Fellows Professor of Management Emeritus at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the author of numerous books, including Career Dynamics, Process Consultation Revisited, Organizational Culture and Leadership, and The Corporate Culture Survival Guide. John Van Maanen is the Erwin Schell Professor at the Sloan School of Management at MIT. He has been a Visiting Professor at Yale University, University of Surrey, and INSEAD in France.

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