Winning with Character: Leadership Development for Athletes (Paperback)

Winning with Character: Leadership Development for Athletes By Charles Buchanan Cover Image

Winning with Character: Leadership Development for Athletes (Paperback)


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There are few things more powerful than a team of high-character athletes and leaders who make each other and their communities better. There are also few things more dangerous than a team led by leaders who have bad intentions or weak character.

Winning with Character addresses the challenges of developing strong character. The book describes The "Elite Leader of Character framework as a both a model and a set of tools to develop leaders of character. The book is for coaches and athletes alike who want to develop principled leadership in themselves or their teams.

It is clear that winning matters, it is also clear that winning without integrity (dishonesty, cheating, poor sportsmanship and weak teamwork) is not a lesson that you want to teach as a coach, or learn as a player. Winning with Character helps leaders learn how to lead the right way, and to avoid developing a toxic, "win-at-all cost" culture. Winning with Character emphasizes that winning matters AND winning can be achieved the right way.

What is the "cost" of a win-at-all-cost culture? The cost is character. A win-at-all-cost culture teaches athletes and future leaders that it is okay to do whatever they want to win, including lying, cheating, stealing, or disrespecting others. These toxic behaviors stick with the athletes into adulthood making them adults that don't understand what it means to work hard, love others, and live lives of integrity and honor. Winning matters but it shouldn't come at the expense of ruining an athlete and coaches' character.

Winning with Character helps develop character in athletes by presenting a leadership development model (TEACH), a principled leadership framework (Elite Leader of Character), and numerous examples of good and bad character that athletes can model or learn from.

Product Details ISBN: 9781088279830
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Publisher: MB Leadership, LLC
Publication Date: September 18th, 2023
Pages: 272
Language: English