The Brightness of His Coming: God Walks The Dark Hills Book IV (Paperback)

The Brightness of His Coming: God Walks The Dark Hills Book IV By B. L. Blankenship Cover Image

The Brightness of His Coming: God Walks The Dark Hills Book IV (Paperback)


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Self-serving machiavellian aristocratic figures have long walked among us just out of sight. These shadow governments and the plutocratic ruling class that make them up via their dark agendas write the historical mythologies that most mortals deem as truth. Through grave disinformation and half-truths, they call good evil and evil good, knowing that upon this earth there are those who make the laws and those who are subject to them. These are the sort that raise up monsters as gods and condemns the just, and secretly laugh at how people are such fools to believe it; never studying or searching out the truth.

The United States of America's true history is one tainted with the blood of the innocent for money and power. Its infrastructure was built on the bones of northern slaves, its indigenous people, and the Confederate dead. After much of the North's great invasion throughout the states and territories, violence still reigned. The wealthy Unionist Lincolnite hellion Clay Corpse of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is still hellbent on exacting his ineffably cruel revenge for his severed leg upon the remaining members of the dismembered black sheep Confederate militia Heaven's Seven who largely marched alongside General John Hunt Morgan. Nearly a decade has passed but the scars still remain.

WARNING: Like all of the "God Walks The Dark Hills" series, this book should be assumed to be littered with exceedingly vile and disparaging content. It is not suitable for all audiences. It is completely unsuitable for children. If you are offended by anything or considering not reading this book due to the warning - set it down. Simply put, like all of B. L. Blankenship's books, you knew what it was when you picked it up. Discretion is advised and may God have mercy on your soul.

Product Details ISBN: 9781088068380
ISBN-10: 1088068383
Publisher: B. L. Blankenship
Publication Date: November 13th, 2022
Pages: 158
Language: English