Finding Alex (Paperback)

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Finding Alex (Paperback)


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Not Knowing Can Be Lethal

Assaulted, left for dead, and amnesic, the woman who thinks her name is Alex, may be the only surviving victim of a killer who's targeting prostitutes and leaving their bodies without fingertips to complicate their identification. Denver Homicide Detective Blake Halloran is sure she is connected to the other killings but he can't identify her, even with her fingertips intact. And she can't remember anything-including the face or name of the man who tried to kill her.

With each new victim, it becomes more crucial for Alex to remember what happened to her if Blake and his partner are to solve the murders, but how do you force someone to remember? As Blake's strong attraction to her and his need to protect her grows, so does his uneasiness about the inability to identify her, whether she's a villain or a victim, and whether her amnesia is real.

Product Details ISBN: 9780999246153
ISBN-10: 0999246151
Publisher: Routt Street Press
Publication Date: October 30th, 2020
Pages: 342
Language: English