The Cloud That Fell From The Sky (Hardcover)

The Cloud That Fell From The Sky By Judy Choi, Phoenix Brown Cover Image

The Cloud That Fell From The Sky (Hardcover)


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Inspired by a 15 year old girl who used poetry to cope with her parents' drug addiction, the CLOUD that fell from the sky is a first limited edition, hardbound, Asian-stitched, poetry coffee-table book written by Chinese American writers Judy Choi and Phoenix Brown, and illustrated with photographic interpretations of the text by award winning French photographer Francis George.
Judy Choi is a Chinese American author who draws inspiration for her writing from her life experiences. Growing up, she struggled to follow Chinese cultural norms while trying to fit into American society, and discovered she did not fit into either. At the age of 19, she rebelled against both and joined the club kid counterculture movement. She returned to school after 7 years, where she graduated cum laude from the University of Colorado with a degree in English and Psychology and a Masters from Harvard in Psychology. In 2017, Judy Choi established Tigrefou Editions, an independent publishing company with a mission to create exquisite, limited edition art and literature books that address a vast array of topics, from the unconventional to the provocative, cultural identity, club counterculture, love, eroticism, fashion, and the imaginary. "The Cloud that Fell from the Sky" is the first book published by Tigrefou Editions.
Product Details ISBN: 9780998899800
Publisher: Tigrefou Editions
Publication Date: September 1st, 2018
Pages: 152
Book reviews
"An exceptional literary Asian art object!" - Alain Gavarry Du Charpenel, Professor Emeritus, University of Strasbourg, France

"One of my favorites artists of all times, Francis George's photographic series of deeply, sensual flower abstracts are inspired by tender and contemplative poetry by Judy Choi and her niece. This is a beautifully designed and made coffee book." - Anna Olga Aristova, Creative Director at ArtShop.Company

"I'm shocked at how good this is!" - R. Hsieh

"What an awesome is on our coffee table and helps with some great meditative time." - Pravir Malik