Be a Better Writer: For School, For Fun, For Anyone Ages 10-15 (Paperback)

Be a Better Writer: For School, For Fun, For Anyone Ages 10-15 By Margot Carmichael Lester, Steve Peha Cover Image

Be a Better Writer: For School, For Fun, For Anyone Ages 10-15 (Paperback)


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One Book for All Kinds of Writers and All Kinds of Writing

Whether you're writing essays for school or fiction for fun, this book helps you be a better writer.

For School...
Improve your grades with techniques like the What-Why-How and Content-Purpose-Audience strategies that clarify your thinking and strengthen logical arguments on tests, in essays, and on research reports. Use Sentence Patterns and the Plain English for Handy Analysis approach to improve your grammar without having to learn grammar rules. Get your work done faster, develop more confidence, bring home better report cards, and score higher on state tests.

For Fun...
Improve your creative writing by using The Five Facts of Fiction to dream up compelling characters and powerful plot lines that keep your readers reading from beginning to end. Produce rich description with the Tell-Show strategy. Render your ideas in well-chosen words and smooth-sounding sentences. Find your voice and translate your passion to the page so your readers feel it, too.

For Anyone...
You have a voice the world wants to hear. You have stories to tell, real and imagined, that readers can't wait to read. You have things to say that will change the way people think and feel, and that will shape the way they look at life after seeing it through your eyes. Don't keep your readers waiting; give them things to read. Don't wait for someone to discover you; discover yourself. Don't wait to be a better writer; be a better writer now.
Steve Peha has been writing about writing for over 20 years. He has worked with thousands of writers, young and not-so-young, through Teaching That Makes Sense, the company he founded in 1995 to provide high-quality educational training and innovative learning materials. In 2007, he won the Independent Publishers Award Gold Medal in Young Adult Nonfiction for the first edition of Be a Better Writer.
Product Details ISBN: 9780997283105
ISBN-10: 0997283106
Publisher: Teaching That Makes Sense, Inc
Publication Date: April 20th, 2016
Pages: 376
Language: English