Comprehensive Keys to the Green: Unlock Your Putting Potential in the Game of Golf (Paperback)

Comprehensive Keys to the Green: Unlock Your Putting Potential in the Game of Golf By Eric Armstrong Cover Image

Comprehensive Keys to the Green: Unlock Your Putting Potential in the Game of Golf (Paperback)


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A REVOLUTIONARY NEW APPROACH to reading greens and making putts.

Everything you need to know to become a GREAT putter. Learn how to read greens, anticipate breaks, and evaluate putts, plus tips for choosing your putting strategy.

Comprehensive Keys to the Green shows you how to get the right feedback from a chip or putt, so you can determine if the line was off, or the speed was off (or both), and, if so, by precisely how much -- critical information for your putting success.

Best of all, your first chip or putt will give you all the information you need for the next. With that information, you'll be well on your way to lower scores.


That system tells you how to predict the amount of break and pick a point of aim. It does a great job, too. In fact, it was one of the original inspirations for the "Keys to the Green" system.

But once you predict the putt, you have to make the putt. After a miss, which generally happens the first time, you need to determine if your prediction was off, or your execution.

Was your putt too fast or too slow (execution)? Was it too high, or too low (prediction)? Or was it a combination of factors (it generally is), and if so, by how much of each?

The Keys to the Green system is the perfect way to tell if your green-speed estimate or finger-alignment was off, giving you an inaccurate read, or whether you had the wrong speed. That feedback helps you can make the right adjustment for your next putt.

And More

The book also covers putting mechanics, and the entire putting process from initial read to final stroke evaluation. It shows you how to anticipate which way the ball will break as it encounters different slopes (a few of which are decidedly non-intuitive ). It also includes bonus material to help you set up a practice program.

Comprehensive Keys to the Green is a clearly-written, easy-to-follow guide that will have you mastering the greens in no time. Use this manual to save multiple strokes per round, in the easiest part of the game

(The Kindle version has color diagrams and live links.)

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