La Siguanaba: And the Magical Loroco (El Cipitio #2) (Paperback)

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La Siguanaba: And the Magical Loroco (El Cipitio #2) By Randy Jurado Ertll Cover Image

La Siguanaba: And the Magical Loroco (El Cipitio #2) (Paperback)


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In this novella, Ertll takes inspiration from the Salvadoran legend of La Siguanaba, a woman of great beauty who was cursed to roam the earth as a grotesque monster.

Modernity breathes life into reimagined versions of these folk characters as they move through life in a world far beyond their pre-colonial roots. La Siguanaba and the Magical Loroco is an explosion of wit, saucy profanity, and brackish absurdity all packed neatly into an absolute fever dream of a book. -- Kathy C., Bookseller

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La Siguanaba represents the struggle, sacrifice, and perseverance of women in the United States and throughout the world. La Siguanaba represents the mothers and daughters who fight for social justice, empowerment, and who advocate to create a more equitable world for all women. Especially, to establish equity in economics, politics, gender balance, religion, and culture.

La Siguanaba has been described as a ghostly, grotesque looking woman. But her true nature is of utmost beauty inside and outside. In the Natuatl language, Sihuehuet means beautiful woman. Her true beauty and reputation was distorted by the colonizers. She was always and continues to be a queen to her Mayan and Aztec people. Many colonizers have used her ghostly physical appearance to scare the campesino population into submission. But La Siguanaba's true essence is of courage, beauty, and intelligence. Yes, she does have two sides: the good side and the evil side. If you piss her off, she will rip you to shreds and beat you to death with her big titties, but if you respect her, she will respect you in return.

La Siguanaba is the modern day Mary Magdalene.

Yes, she becomes the first Catholic priest in the world. Then, she retains the consulting services of El Cadejo to become the first female Pope of the Catholic Church. Why not? Why can't a woman become a priest or Pope?

La Siguanaba, El Cadejo, El Duende, and El Cipitio will continue to haunt us for centuries. Their spirits and legacy will forever be among us. The ovario queen will never die Que viva La Siguanaba Que viva

RANDY JURADO ERTLL is an award winning published author, educator, and newspaper columnist. You can follow him on INSTAGRAM at @RANDYERTLL. His author web-site is WWW.RANDYJURADOERTLL.COM

Product Details ISBN: 9780990992998
ISBN-10: 0990992993
Publisher: Ertll Publishers
Publication Date: November 12th, 2019
Pages: 94
Language: English
Series: El Cipitio