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The author of SAINT returns with a new novel about Lotte Keene, a biological detective who has had enough of government bureaucracy at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and resigns, but can never escape.After surviving the outbreak of a mysterious pathogen in the Amazonian jungle, Keene returns home and is pulled into the seemingly infinite mystery of a new, more malignant killer in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There for the first time in her forensic biology career she confronts a pathogen so potent and lethal that it seems unnatural. She also discovers secrets in the forested mountains that no one wants to know.To the CDC, Lotte's actions are insubordination. To the environmental activist, Gabriel Fox, she is a complication. To America's elite intelligence apparatus, she's a threat to national security. To Longwood's Doctor Ben McCandle, she is a challenge to everything he thinks he knows about medical science. Suspicions of her motives mount. Calculating corporate powers grow more sinister. Dark operatives from Washington move against her work ... and time is running out.Lotte Keene is about to rewrite the rules of biogenetic science and cross the thin red, white and blue line between American principle and power.Yosemite to government secret labs to powerful CEOs. Bravo -Suzanne Evans.

About the Author

Mark Roger Bailey writes novels that occur at the intersection of fact and fiction. He writes about the complex and at times paradoxical interplay between science and institutions, such as religion, governments, and human belief systems. These themes are at the heart of his books. Thought-provoking and cinematic are descriptions that have been used to describe his award-winning work. His novels, SAINT and BEYOND THESE WOODS, are such tales.

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ISBN: 9780989940665
ISBN-10: 0989940667
Publisher: Lede Publishing
Publication Date: September 25th, 2014
Pages: 310
Language: English