Funeral in a Feminine Dress: Depravity Reborn as Virtue (Paperback)

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A father's loss of "true love" created a twisted, corrupted courtship that produced 34-years of abuse, pain, and depravity within a family. A son's discovery of "true love" saved his life, and inspired an amazingly loving, happy, family that achieved virtue. These two stories merge into a journey most call shocking, inspirational, and unforgettable. A mother's hideous secret, a son's complicity in her abuse, a grisly act of revenge... MJ's father was one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet-unless you were the mother of his three sons. MJ's mother was a bold feminist and hopeless romantic whose inclination to love was her demise. Verma lived a hellish life-what the author calls an "un-romance"-fueled by liquor, lies, desperation, and hatred. Why didn't his mother fight back? MJ's lurid and intense memoir will cheer yet incense you. MJ was a boy whose parents loved him but, overcome by their demons, caused him misery. Instead of voicing anger, MJ thanks Dad and Mom for their genetic gifts and life lessons. He spotlights his mother as his hero, detailing how her abuse increased as she was bloodied defending her grandson from a devilish mother. He praises the nuns at his school for their whacks to the head and for never giving up on him. Readers will marvel at how MJ escaped this toxic swamp-and his own death wish behaviors-and nine years after their first date, married his high school sweetheart. Today, together, they celebrate their 36-year marriage, much-to-much like a 1950's family sitcom to be true - but it is. MJ constructed a high-powered business career where family was always his top priority. A choice that cost him promotions and money but elevated him to the kind of man his mother wanted him to be. His mother's suffering convinces him God's plan is not working. Praising his Catholic education, MJ agrees all religion is good that teaches people to be good, yet explains how God is a potentially dangerous myth. Interestingly, clergy and his religious friends say his story is a tool to love God more. This memoir recounts the past but is all about our tomorrow's; full of life lessons for men, women and families. Posed are complex, critical questions of good versus evil, relationships and sex, work versus family, God and religion versus personal responsibility.

About the Author

Born in 1951, MJ grew up in Denver, attending St. Francis De Sales elementary and high school. His family, described as "poor white trash," was usually sad and often violent. A chronic under achiever in the classroom, his high school football success produced many college scholarship offers. He selected Colorado State. Four knee operations ended his football career sophomore year. He became an award winning writer for the student newspaper, graduating in 1974 with a B.A. in political science. Later he acquired an MBA. In 1977, almost nine years after their first date, he married Diana, his high school sweetheart During this long courtship, he was unapologetic in his need to enjoy sex with other women. In what could have been fatal, he engaged in death wish behaviors. Guilt related to his mother's suffering haunted him...and still does. When married, MJ wrote a detailed plan to avoid "a lifelong sentence of mediocrity." He set out to achieve a business career providing a stimulating challenge coupled with affluence and happiness for his family. His family would be priority #1. Early on it was a brutal, depressing struggle. Memories of his mother's suffering and his wife's encouragement kept him going. In 1980 because of his childhood experience and new family he quit drinking alcohol for over nineteen years. His resume includes being an award-winning writer at Denver Magazine, and at the much praised Rocky Mountain Magazine. He went on to marketing success at global advertising-PR, marketing firms, and a leading animal health non-profit. Over his career MJ has worked with the European Union, in the UK, Europe, Russia, China, and Middle East. Still married and a faithful husband for close to 36-years, he believes his proudest achievements are his wife Diana, two children, their families, and an expanding number of grandchildren. A strong proponent of Catholic school education, MJ believes all religion is good that teaches people to be good, yet he has come to the conclusion God does not exist. MJ explains God's plan isn't working and we need to take personal responsibility for our success, failure, good or evil behaviors. Until a hip replacement in 2011, MJ was an avid runner for well over 40 years, recording many thousands of miles around the world. He still tries to work out daily. An animal lover, as a child he lived with as many as nine dogs and many cats. Rocket, his rescued dog, is an odd looking Basset-German Shepherd mix.
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ISBN: 9780989028714
ISBN-10: 0989028712
Publisher: Mj Burke Sr
Publication Date: May 14th, 2013
Pages: 262
Language: English