Fitting Together: Connecting Couples in Conversation (Paperback)

Fitting Together: Connecting Couples in Conversation By Bea Strickland Cover Image

Fitting Together: Connecting Couples in Conversation (Paperback)

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This is a book for couples, with skills and ideas from a 60 year, successful, happy, sexy, marriage. It's about making your relationship work well so that you both feel connected, loved, and supported. Your relationship begins with interest in each other and then builds with love and passion. You want to bond forever.

  • Want to be best friends, best lovers?
  • Want more intimate conversations?
  • Here's a book to take to dinner, in the car, to read aloud and discuss.

Bea and Jim Strickland, President Couple of Better Marriages in Silicon Valley, led retreats and Marriage Enrichment groups for 40 years. Jim Strickland was the engineer type with IBM for 32 years. Bea taught communication skills for couples and parents. Touchy, feely. So much in love but with such different personalities. They made it work because they wanted to be happy --- fitting together. They learned to fit their differences together and teach others how to do it, too.

Product Details ISBN: 9780986338762
ISBN-10: 0986338761
Publisher: Purple Hills Books
Publication Date: August 18th, 2017
Pages: 124
Language: English