Where Discovery Sparks Imagination: A Pictorial History of Radio and Electricity (Hardcover)

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Where Discovery Sparks Imagination examines the early history of radio and electricity, presented via a marvelous collection of over 600 photographs of actual apparatus, many of which have never before been published. Beginning with the rise of electricity in the 17th century, the book follows a continuous thread of discovery and invention through electric motors, electric light, the telegraph, telephone and ultimately radio. Anyone who appreciates the amazing workmanship and artistry of old technology will love this book!

About the Author

John D. Jenkins is board president of the American Museum of Radio and Electricity, located in Bellingham, Washington. He is also a long-time collector of early radio and scientific apparatus, and a retired Microsoft executive. He serves on several boards, is a member of professional associations including the History of Science Society, and is the author of Loud Talker: The Early History of Loudspeakers. John lectures and writes on topics related to the history of technology. He lives in Woodinville, Washington.

Praise For…

“Jenkins has assembled a world-class collection and he uses it to tell the fascinating story of electricity and early radio. Along the way he is able—with enviable ease—to weave in stories about both the cultural transformations that radio made possible, and the science of electricity itself. A thoroughly worthwhile book.”  —Steven Turner, curator, Smithsonian Institution

“A fascinating history of electricity and radio as seen through the comprehensive collection in the American Museum of Radio and Electricity. From Leyden jars to vacuum tubes and from telegraph to the golden age of radio, the book is an invaluable reference for the historian and collector.”  —John V. Terry, publisher and editor, Antique Radio Classified

“If Ben Franklin were alive today, he would have a field day exploring this book—a veritable garden of electrical delights.”  —David J. Rhees, Ph.D., executive director, the Bakken Museum

“Anyone will find in this book a fascinating pictorial, the unfolding of the bizarre and the beautiful as inventors throughout time sought to harness energy and sound. The illustrations delight the senses and excite wonder.”  —Robert J. Malone, Ph.D., executive director, History of Science Society

Product Details
ISBN: 9780979456909
ISBN-10: 0979456908
Publisher: American Museum of Radio and Electricity
Publication Date: June 1st, 2009
Pages: 224
Language: English