One Team: 10-Minute Discussions That Activate Inspired Teamwork (Hardcover)

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THE UGLY TRUTH: Most organizations score horribly in equipping employees to work together and deliver on their collective potential, despite the fact that teamwork is more important in the 21st century than it ever was before. From over 63,000 hours observing leaders and teams in more than 30 companies located in 20 countries, Ross and Paccione identify how even well-intentioned leaders sabotage their own best efforts at developing high-performing teams--and what they must do differently to succeed.

THE PROMISE: Regardless of your position, or whether your team operates in person or virtually, during the first 10 minutes of your next meeting, you can start, transform, and accelerate productive teamwork. The proven, sophisticated, and practical method in ONE Team equips you to activate the brilliant potential your team possesses.

About the Author

For over a decade, Craig has partnered with Fortune 100 C-Suite executives, leaders and teams elevating performance within global organizations. His understanding of current business trends and needs, along with access to thousands of leaders in numerous industries, allows Craig to deliver innovative leadership strategies to Verus Global's expanding client base. He works with inspired leaders serious about putting values into action.Throughout each Verus Global process (from executive coaching to keynotes to the flagship Pathways to Leadership(R) Process), Craig has equipped many leaders and organizations to dramatically improve performance with sustainable breakthroughs. With Craig's high-energy and dynamic approach, he assists teams in quickly creating alignment, communication and trust, so they can better achieve their strategic goals."There's a lot at stake. People are giving their lives to careers and to organizations that have much to achieve. The key is equipping everyone with a means to live and lead the way they want to: Ensuring that inspiration and personal fulfillment isn't only an outcome--but the way to excellence. Every second must be grounded in real-time applications so people can start making a difference immediately"Craig has a passion for partnering with leaders who truly want to realize and activate potential in every interaction of every day. These leaders know that when you change someone's life, you change how they perform--and how they choose to lend their discretionary efforts.Currently, Craig is co-authoring One Team with team member Dr. Angie Paccione. Craig and Verus Global Founder Steve Vannoy, are co-authors of the award-winning books Stomp the Elephant in the Office (Wister & Willows, 2008) and Degrees of Strength (Wister & Willows, 2012), filled with insights and practical tools to effectively influence and shape any work environment. The tools in these books equip everyone to be more productive, inspired and able to bring the best expression of themselves to work (and home) every day.Empowering and supporting educators is an additional passion of Craig's. He currently serves on the board of advisors for the University of Colorado at Denver's Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship. As well, you'll find him regularly supporting K-12 educators in his local community by equipping them with 21st century leadership skills. He served on the Board of Directors for TP Mechanical (Ohio) from 2009-2012.He received a B.A. in English from the University of Minnesota at Morris (go Cougars!) and a Masters in Curriculum Instruction and Design at Colorado Christian University. He joined Verus Global in 1999, bringing a background in curriculum design incredible passion and discipline for effective training and development programs.Craig began life on a small farm in rural Minnesota and now lives in Sedalia, Colorado. When Craig's not working there's a good chance you'll find him outside playing and laughing with his bride, Amanda, and their children: Shea, Jolie, Lara and Grey.

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ISBN: 9780979376832
ISBN-10: 0979376831
Publisher: Wister & Willows
Publication Date: February 24th, 2015
Pages: 256
Language: English