Techno-Capitalist-Feudalism (Paperback)

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Techno-Capitalist-Feudalism (Paperback)


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With blunt unvarnished realism, we are fundamentally and inescapably immersed in granular trench-warfare against totalitarian-capitalism, i.e., techno-capitalist-feudalism, in and across a litany of micro-fronts. These granular power-struggles are constant, disorderly, and continuously changing their stripes and/or constructs. In consequence, we must fight, fight conceptually and fight materially, fight any way we can, since we are fighting for our lives, regardless of the ballot box. In short, we are caught in a long drawn-out war of attrition, trench-warfare against the logic of capitalism, ad infinitum.

Firstly, part one of the text concerns the general framework of techno-capitalist-feudalism. It shows the manner by which the techno-capitalist-feudal-edifice has arisen into a totalitarian system through the interplay of force in and between power-relations, ideologies, and high-tech machinery. In fact, we as global citizens live in and upon the superstructure, while our relations and/or ideologies comprise the underlying infrastructure of the system, wherein the master logic of capitalism reigns supreme. In addition, part one also encompasses a critique of the Marxist view of history, i.e., the theory of dialectical and historical materialism, and introduces an alternative view of history, i.e., the anarcho-relativist view of history, or more specifically, anarcho-historical-relativism.

Secondly, part two of the text concerns the post-industrial, post-modern theory of value and surplus value. It demonstrates the manner by which value, price, and wage are arbitrarily determined, reproduced, and normalized in the dark age of techno-capitalist-feudalism, through force and influence rather than through socially necessary labor-time. Consequently, values, prices, and wages are arbitrary constructs devoid of foundation, other than the arbitrariness of force and influence undergirding these essential economic figures.

Thirdly, part three of the text concerns the compounding law/logic of systemic-incompetence and structural-defect. It demonstrates the manner by which incompetence and structural-defects multiply, ramify, and intensify throughout the capitalist-system as the capitalist-system increasingly streamlines itself, and demands ever-greater ideological congruency from the workforce/population as the principal condition of employment and/or promotion. Consequently, as the capitalist-system becomes evermore ideologically homogenized, it simultaneously impedes its own development and survival. The result is an ever-worsening set of cataclysms, until a final revolutionary denouement or crescendo is detonated.

Fourthly, part four of the text concerns the universal anarchist revolution. Whereby, it is not the productive forces which lead society into the future, but newly-risen relations and needs, which drag the productive forces into the future, kicking and screaming. And if the old productive forces do not accommodate themselves according to the new relations and needs, anarchist revolutions ensue, whereupon the productive forces either evolve or perish. Finally, part four introduces, the decentralized planning economy.

All in all, capitalism is totalitarian. It inundates everyday life like 1930's fascism. Subsequently, the dark age of techno-capitalist-feudalism is the terminal stage of the capitalist-system. Unable to develop any further, without bringing the whole capitalist-edifice crashing down upon itself, techno-capitalist-feudalism strives now for economic stasis in perpetuity. Wherein, the system contents itself with solely refining its domination, enslavement, and endless brainwashing with ever-increasing precision and guile. In sum, the capitalist aristocracy must remain in power atop of the wealth-pyramid forever. Therefore, if this text has a purpose, it is as an invaluable analytical power-tool, namely, an essential tool for any serious anti-capitalist toolbox.
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Publication Date: September 7th, 2020
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